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Dill #73194

Art by CatOntheMoon

To the stars that listen and the dreams that are answered.


Art by CatOnTheMoon

code by #202


To the Silver City Pack….

My alias is Dill [her/she] with a deep love for all things books, animals, anime, and fantasy. IRL I work in the animal health industry and look to escape into my pack for entertainment and winding down from the draining long days.

I'm here for art, pretty wolves, and lore. My hopes is to eventually be able to have wolves with semi-decent stats. Unlikely to see myself grinding for the leaderboard, but it would be nice to get there one day. Ultimately end of the day hoping to have fun and unwind from a long day.

I keep my hunters going all day to try max out their daily hunts which typically results in extra carcasses. If you're in need feel free to reach out and I am happy to help within reason. Winter is always a little harder, but I still usually have a little extra to spare. Other items/needs just ask and if I can help I usually will.

Roll-Over Update: Currently have a lot going on IRL. Rolling over will be somewhat more sporadic that unusual. If I am needed please reach out on Discord Dill #6287

Sighthound Art by TrashPunk


  • Stockpile Herbs/Medicines

  • Write Lore for most if not all Wolves

  • Level Up Pack Hunters/Scouts/Herbalist to 20

  • Level Up Pack Pupsitters to 10

  • Collect Art for most if not all Wolves

Feel free to message or send friend request!


Chocolate Chip by Mange

Member Information
Name Dill
Pack Silver City Pack
King Son Mundok [G2]
Joined 2022-06-13
Last Active 14 hours ago