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Ezra #68495

You got a taste for blood when you were licking your own wounds.

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just as strange as you.

Hi! I'm Ezra. I'm a disabled artist and writer from England and my pronouns are he/him. I made my account a while back but only started playing consistently in february 2023 cos of one of my pals. Now I'm addicted. Help.

As a general rule, you can dm me and offer on any wolves besides my stud, though I'm far less likely to let go of anyone that's secured. You're also welcome to offer for reverse studs if any of my pretty gals catch your eye.

My main interests are animals (esp. dogs), worldbuilding, character creation, horror (though my OCD does not like this) and gaming. I'm always open to chat and make new friends (18+ only, sorry - I'm not interested in talking to kids) but I am autistic and sometimes socialising is hard >< so bear with me! Discord is probably the best way to reach me - wulvteeth#3610

Little side note - I don't accept friend requests on wolvden from anyone I'm not actually friends with, sorry!


I'd consider myself a pretty casual player, but I do have some aspirations here! Just a sort of wolvden bucket list.

  • Find a pretty T3 black/dark brown wolf to become Ellis II when my current boye retires as my lead lool
  • Win the jackpot on the slots game
  • Save up 10k sc
  • Breed a T3 piebald
  • Have an all T3 litter
  • Finish decorating all of my wolves
  • Top one of the leaderboards
  • Earn every achievement
  • Have a T3 NBW stud (found: 6th apr '23, set: TBA)

I'll update these as I finish them! Will include screenshot proof if applicable ^^

Member Information
Name Ezra
Pack Eclipse Trackers
Alpha Ellis
Joined 2022-05-11
Last Active 2 days ago
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