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Mustangia #628

✦About Me✦
⋆Mustang ⋆ 20 ⋆ She/They ⋆
Aussie ⋆ 17 hours ahead of Wolvden time
Welcome to my page!
I'm an active casual player + hobby artist.
⋆Mojave Breeder⋆
I'm currently studying Game Design + Development!
I'm pretty friendly, though also pretty anxious - so I'm very awkward when it comes to conversations..
✧Useful Links✧

ANY wolves named rs or unnamed (new/adopted puppy) are free to claim! just DM me and I'll reserve them and gift them over once weaned.

✦Personal Notes so I remember
For Strength: Desert and Rainforest
For Speed: Deciduous Forest, Grasslands, Mountains, and Prairie
For Agility: Taiga and Swamp
For Wisdom: Riparian Woodland and Glacier
For Smarts: Coniferous Forest and Tundra

Hunting Parties=
Stoic > Friendly
Aggressive > Romantic

Member Information
Name Mustangia
Pack Ipiktok Pack
Alpha Spice
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 9 seconds ago
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