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🦜 Birbz 🦜 #58077

β€’ Birbz | She/They β€’


I enjoy my time here. Maybe because I'm an extreme gamer, or because this has a chat. I don't breed for stats or rarity, I need those pretty coats and you can't argue. Chaotic budgie owner. Am I alive? What birb am I?


β€’ Goals β€’

One day, I just gotta...

Get 100 GC [14/100]
Get A Monochrome T3 NBW
Obtain All Bird CDs
Get A Jay Recipe


β€’ Designs β€’

A Duo In The Wild
Dreading Explorer


β€’ Quotes β€’

🍁NovemberVulpes🦊 (#41117)
@[58077] 'birbz but un alived eddition'
2022-07-17 12:21:22


β€’ Important Links β€’

Check it out!

Grouse House: The Directory
Raise & Chase
Come and join the Generous Birds group!


Member Information
Name 🦜 Birbz 🦜
Pack Flightless Birds
Leader Snowbird
Joined 2022-02-11
Last Active 2022/07/25 10:44:08
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