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Shadowstar's Backstory:

From the womb of a dying mother, a weak and frail male pup was born. "Shadowstar," she muttered, and it took away her last breath.

The poor pup was left beside his dead mother, surrounded by screams, shouts, yells of pack members. Their alpha had died by the paws of her own son! What a disgrace! Wolves scrambled out of the cave that held the pair, leaving Shadowstar to rot, the pack didn't need him anyways, the deceased alpha had another son who was prepared to take her place. Little did they know that Shadowstar was unlike any other pups, that he was gifted great strength and agility from the fates themselves, and how his fate was intertwined with the pack's.

2 years have passed, Garthroch and Ellemy smiled as their adopted son left their pack. Years ago, the two alphas found a small pup laying on the ground of a cave. The pup was near the brink of death, so they decided to bring him and nurture him back into health. Naming the little one as Moonshine, they adopted him. Now all grown up, Moonshine left the pack to venture out into the world.

The wolf soon stumbled upon a few wolves close to a pack's grounds, all who were talking in excitement. Filled with curiosity, Moonshine decided to eavesdrop on them. "Who do you think will win the tournament?" "Probably the alpha again, he keeps on winning every year!" "It's so boring watching him win every time, I hope this year will be different..." Tournament? The word peaked Moonshine's interest. It might be worth joining it, he thought. "What tournament?" asked Moonshine as he approached the group. "Oh, you didn't know? Every year, the alpha of our pack- 'Crimson Shadow Assassins' will host a tournament open to every wolf. Whoever wins against him will take his place as alpha. If you're lucky, you'll get away scathed. Good luck if you're joining it, fellow wolf. You'll be needing it," and with that, the wolves left.

Moonshine pondered for awhile. Should he join the tournament he'll risk getting killed, but if he won, he'll get to be an alpha. Well, he's certainly the one who's willing to take risks. With that thought out of the way, he headed towards the pack.

Wolves there eyed him with distaste. What did he do to deserve this? It was as though the wolves he barely knew had a grudge on him. "Are you here for the tournament?" asked a female wolf suddenly. Moonshine nodded in agreement.
"Well then, come with me. It starts soon, so you better prepare," she continued.
For hours Moonshine has waited. He heard screams of pain and saw blood spill out of those who dared to challenge. "Hey! You're up next. Good luck, Shadowstar." Shadowstar? Who was that? The wolf might've recognized him as someone else. He was Moonshine, and that was that.

Gathering up his courage, Moonshine stepped out into the open field before him and was met with a large male wolf who bore a frown. "Ah, I see you have returned, brother. Do you remember who I am?" What the hell was this alpha going on about? "I suppose you don't. After all, you were only a mere pup. A pup who murdered our beloved mother." The frown slowly turned into a sinister grin. "Not to worry, Shadowstar. This will be all over soon~" and with that, the alpha pounced onto him. Moonshine scrambled away as quickly as he could to escape the alpha. Panting, Moonshine asked, "Who even are you?!" "Your fated end!" the alpha replied, pouncing yet again, and this time, succeeding. His paws were crushing Moonshine onto the ground, but that soon ended after Moonshine had opened his jaw and bit his so called brother on the neck. Yelping, the alpha sprang away for a moment. "How dare you bite me?! You'll pay for that, you little rascal!" He rushed towards Moonshine and attempted to bury his sharp claws into him again and again and again, failing each time as Moonshine kept dodging each attack. "ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP RUNNING AWAY FROM FATE, OR ARE YOU GOING TO FACE IT HEA-" the alpha's sentence was cut short. Moonshine had leapt onto him and used his claws to rip the wolf's throat.

Yells were heard. The alpha has been killed, the alpha has been killed! Moonshine was in a daze, what had just happened? "Alpha Shadowstar, we welcome you home," said an elderly wolf who had appeared at his side. "Who is Shadowstar?" he asked. "Why, that's you! Come. Let me tell you a story. Come on, follow me, alpha. It won't take long, and do know that a ceremony will be held soon to welcome you as our alpha. Come on now, don't be shy.
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