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LunarMoon4 #54522

Hello, I am LunarMoon4,
I play on many other games like this but they may know me by a different name. Here are some of my nicknames Lunar, Moon, 4, 4G, and 4GWM. But feel free to call me any nickname from the list or any other nickname that you like.
Someday I will put links to the games I play

I am still getting use to playing this game so please be patient with all my questions I may ask. thanks :)

Have 1000 Silver Cones [1/11/22]
Have 1500 silver Cones []
Have 2000 SC []
Breed a blueish/blue wolf[1/23/22] link link link
Breed a blueish/blue wolf from a non blue mother []
Breed a very beautiful blueish/blue wolf []
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Name LunarMoon4
Pack LunarMoon4 pack
Pack Leader Zero
Joined 2021-12-30
Last Active 2022/06/07 16:02:09
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