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reggie #54017


My current goal is breeding T3/T* low gens, and VLF wolves in hopes of getting a mutation. I generally try to breed G4 or lower, unless I'm breeding for R & C or quick sales/stats.

My R & C cave / nursery double as sales - offer if you are interested! Otherwise those wolves will be chased at 1yr. Most wolves in sales cave will also be chased/given away at 1yr if not bought.

R & C Total: 70

-T* Moonlight (1)

-T3 Argent (1)
-T3 Bronze (1)
-T3 Fox (3)
-T3 Grulla (1)
-T3 Lily (1)
-T3 Mojave (2)
-T3 Pearl (1)
-T3 Pyrope (5)
-T3 Serpentine (1)
-T3 Striped Flint (1)
-T3 Tombac (1)
-T3 Wulfenite (1)

-T2 Blonde (1)
-T2 Biotite (1)
-T2 Blonde (1)
-T2 Buff (1)
-T2 Calcite (1)
-T2 Dinar (1)
-T2 Dravite (1)
-T2 Diorite (1)
-T2 Doubloon (1)
-T2 Ebony (1)
-T2 Lavender (1)
-T2 Maltese (1)
-T2 Obsidian (2)
-T2 Oroide (1)
-T2 Pale (2)
-T2 Peach (1)
-T2 Russet (2)
-T2 Silver (1)
-T2 Siquoq (1)
-T2 Sphalerite (3)
-T2 Vanilla (1)
-T2 Yellow (1)

-T1 Amber (2)
-T1 Ashen (1)
-T1 Birch (1)
-T1 Black (1)
-T1 Blue (1)
-T1 Brass (1)
-T1 Caramel (1)
-T1 Chestnut (1)
-T1 Cream (1)
-T1 Cream Lighter (1)
-T1 Dark Brown (1)
-T1 Dust (1)
-T1 Gold (1)
-T1 Gray Darker (1)
-T1 Honeydew (1)
-T1 Howlite (2)
-T1 Jet (2)
-T1 Khaki (1)
-T1 Magnolia (1)
-T1 Marengo (1)
-T1 Quartz (1)
-T1 White (1)

Always looking for decor and backgrounds - if you want to get rid of some, let me know!

As for my den, if they're in "Unsorted" or their name is NBW/a coat description, they're free game! Send me an offer and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If they're not in "Unsorted" but you're really interested, feel free to ask anyways - I won't be offended. :)

Happy to chat and always open to negotiation on sales and items - if you need meds/herbs/food/toys/items etc. just PM me. People have been very generous with me so I'm more than willing to help if you're in a pinch. ❤️

Have a great day!
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Name reggie
Pack muddie buddies
Lead Ophelia
Joined 2021-12-19
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