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Rapirisu ✦ Mutie Breeder #5303

✦ Roops|He/Him|26 ✦

Heya and welcome to my page!

I'm a digital artist and writer, mostly here for good vibes ・:*:・゚☆

Please keep in mind I am often on idle and unsub from most forum threads to avoid notification clutter!

Always open to chat, don't be shy! :D

Not accepting random friend requests!

Also, if I delete you off my friends list at one point, it is nothing personal. I likely just forgot where we know each other from; don't be shy to remind me!~

Hey there!

Don't forget to check

out the links!

Member Information
Name Rapirisu ✦ Mutie Breeder
Pack Chromatic Souls
King Chime 🎐🖤【NBW】
Joined 2020-10-02
Last Active 5 minutes ago
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