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🎄Dawnblaze 🎁 #50669

"Hello There!"
-Obi-Wan Kenobi

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You want to know more about me? Alright!

Hi! I'm Dawnblaze, a wannabe digital artist, 24/7 dog owner, cheetah lover, and photographer in my free time! I love eating good food and my hobbies are crocheting, drawing, and doing arts and crafts. I'm fairly new to Wolvden, but I love it so far! My irl friend is on this site as well! <3 [link]

Dawnblaze and her younger-by-a-minute sister Snowflake had gone through a very traumatic childhood; their parents had died in a territory skirmish with an enemy wolf, leaving them orphaned with no place to go to. They had to flee their home, a thick forest by the name of Melody Forest. Living as nomads, foraging for food, and not staying in one place for too long, they managed to survive to adulthood, their skills sharpening with each day. They both travelled far and explored new lands, fighting to stay alive. Many times they thought of laying down and giving in to the earth, but they pushed on. Soon, they reached a decicuous forest which reminded them of Melody Forest; Dawnblaze and Snowflake set up their own packs and live side-by-side together to this day.


I read a lot! Some of my favourites series are:
- Keeper of the Lost Cities
- Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus / Trials of Apollo
- The Kane Chronicles
- Magnus Chase
- Warrior Cats
- Wings of Fire
- Harry Potter
- Endling (recently got into it, have read books 1 and 2)
- The Hunger Games

And a lot more! I am a HUGE Star Wars geek :D I absolutely adore the Clone Wars animated series and the prequels are my ✨life✨
I love the Original Trilogy too!
I recently watched Encanto and I loved it- I've got every song stuck in my head now xD

Current Goals:

  • Breed a lethal mutation

  • Breed an albino

  • Breed a melanistic

  • Breed a hetero

  • Make an adolescent cave

Have a nice day/night! :D

Current Pack Location: Grasslands! :D

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