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and megaera

Hello! I'm Megaera, or Meg - feel free to call me whatever you like! Please, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I'm a bit shy, so don't be surprised if i'm awkward. <3 I have challenged myself with NIB and low gen guidelines. I like the difficulty and the way lore can tie into lineage. I haven't yet really fleshed anything out about the pack or the characters, but I do daydream about it. I really try to work with either NBW or my own G2/G3 wolves (of course, that's not a hard rule). I like seeing wolves I've played with continue on through generations! If you couldn't tell, I like to R&C. Anyway, the list below is mostly for myself! I've worked hard to breed for certain stats, T3/*, applicator eyes, and various markings. It makes me happy to see my goals achieved! I have become a dedicated fox eye, lusxnei set breeder! My studs typically have fox eyes. <3

ABOUT LYONESSE. SOMEDAY? story time. New lead will set up for the background.


  • Iskander; NBW Fox, Fox Eye

  • Lyskariot; 2nd NBW Opal, Azure Eye

  • Rothaรญre; 1st NBW Lily Brachy Carrier, Lumino Eye

  • Bred G2 Raffle Stud Combo (Silver, Sterling Lupos)

  • SPECIAL: Luna, Selene, Clover

  • COOL: Opal, Serpentine, Grulla

  • MUTED: Teardrop, Lily, Pearl, Badger, Seal

  • WARM: Mojave, Fox, Wulfenite, Piasa, Realgar, Pyrope

  • Azure, Lumino, Lux, Fox, Violet, Indigo, Purple, Glass, Hetero B/W, Bio Teal

  • G2 415 Stat, Finisher Pup

  • G2 440 Stat, Finisher Pup {new record!}

  • G2 470 Stat Pup! {getting there!}

  • Bred G4 Ro & Isk Related Brachy

  • Bred G4 Iskander Related Mel

  • Bred G3 Lily Fox Eye (FINALLY, omg, worked on this for generations)

  • First Badger Fox Eye Stud! [Khazain]

  • Breeder of 1st Silver Sallander

  • Achieved combo Panda marking

  • Found NBW Brachy Carrier

  • Found NBW Albinism Carrier

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Name m.egaera
Pack Lyonesse
Queen Svasana
Joined 2020-09-28
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