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Fal - Lights on #43456

I'm in semi-hiatus; I'll try to only log in two times a week
(except for Lunar Event weeks).
Please be patient if I need time to answer messages or manage trades.

(about stud requests: if I logged in in the hour after RO, I will log in again that day, about every 2 hours; I usually log in last a couple hours before RO but I might forget)

Have a gameplay question? Check the Grouse House Guides

When we get guilds I'll start a raffle marks R&C guild, and a low-gen NIB specialized stats one (to be used mostly for wolf giveaways I guess?); if you're interested let me know!

Current breeding goals, in order of importance (rules and goals don't apply to r&c-only wolves):
- try to get lines with specialized stats (chasers, finishers, and stalkers)
--- no inbreeding (you can only keep siblings if they are for different lines or for r&c and sales)
--- no external studs (except if they're from people I know, maybe? Or same gen? To decide later)
--- can only buy NBWs (may change as my own wolves become G2-3-4)
-- in preparation for NIB, rules change: can only buy/stud to same-gen wolves from small-ish studs (<10p at any time)
- try to breed a T3 without external studs (Done! I did it! I got a pyrope! G2! From my own stud! From my own hunter girl!)
--- same rules as before (also I don't have enough room for 4 NIB breeding projects so same wolves, too)
--- try to get one from special*T2
--- if I can find and craft the fox recipe myself it's fair game (as possible parents for that T3)
--- I'm still on the fence about chased T3s (as possible parents for that T3); but chased T2s are fine
- breed (for R&C) multi-winged wolves
--- NIB is preferred but not essential (at least for the first two gens of pups; in case they sell and don't have to risk drowning in the chased pool).
--- stats? What are stats? Like if you can get decent stats that's great, but this is mostly a R&C project, so it has the lowest priority ever.
--- tiers? What are tiers? Just slap a Special base on your G6 10-winged stud and be done with it.
- try to breed a het out of plain-eyed parents (Done! A BrBl Het!)
- try to breed all the bases (if choices are necessary, Cool and Warm are prettier); pups bred specifically for R&C don't count

Non-breeding goals:
- gotta catch all the recipes

recipes I already have:

Acorn Bundle Decor
Arizona White Oak Sapling
Arnica Flower Decor
Bird's Nest [Bush]
Bone Decor
Broken Antler Decor
Dandelion Decor
Elk Ear Accessory
Gambel Oak Sapling
Guaiacum Crown
Moose Ear Accessory
Mouthful of Feathers
Northern Red Oak Sapling
Pasadena Oak Branch
Rabbit Carcass Decor
Red Oak Branch [Green]
Red Oak Branch [Red]
Scattered Bones
Scattered Sticks
Skeletal Remains
Valley Oak
White Oak Sapling
Yarrow Decor

Angel Oak
Arnica Meadow
Den of Pelts
Fields of Tansy
Green Meadow
Path of Boulders

lunar decor:
Lunar Butterflies

lunar backgrounds:
Cozy Nest
Gathering Lunar Butterflies
Gem Cave
Mushroom Path

Base Applicator [Fox]
Eye Applicator [Fox]
Sentinel Pose

R&C rules:
- 1 point per simple marking
- 2 points per rare marking
- 3 points per extra rare marking (rare shape and combined color: auburn merle, for example)
- 3 points for lunar event eyes
- 5 points for het eyes or raffle marks
- 1 or 2 points for full set of lunar event minor apps (selene claws, skin and nose, for example)
- 1 or 2 points for prettiness
- 3? points for T2 bases
- 100 points for T3 and special bases: always R&C
- (-2) points if less than 4 markings
- (+2) points if more than 6 markings
Probably shouldn't R&C if <=7, should absolutely R&C if >=10
(remember to turn all of your pupsitters into r&c breeders: so t2+ girls with interesting marks)
parents combined stats -> pups stats (per individual stat)
750-790 -> 160
720 -> 150
500 -> 120
420-440 -> 110
380 -> 105
360-370 -> 100
350 -> 95
300-310 -> 90
250-270 -> 80
220 -> 70
190 -> 65
160-180 -> 60
130-140 -> 50
60 -> 30

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