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cinnabawoo #41714

hi i'm don i am new to this silly wolf game but boy am i having a great time i've been here 2 years now. help.

they/them, 20y/o, EST (wolvden time +3 hrs)

find me on: tumblr || youtube

i probably won't accept friend requests from people i don't recognize!
i name all my dogs after songs or bands or albums or the like. for reasons that were originally guessable if you know me but now i've just ran with the bit so long i can't stop.

you can check out most of the wolves i've chased here!

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Member Information
Name cinnabawoo
Pack Canis Philharmonic
Leader Moxy Fruvous
Joined 2021-04-07
Last Active 2023/11/01 07:08:09
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