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⚡Thunder_ALPHA⚡ #40131

My dear friends. My hands are tied behind my back. I wish I could get time back. I search in day, search in night. But never shall I find my time. I never sleep, never rest, never end up with a break. I wrote this poem, just to show: I'm not like you at all.

I do adopt many wolves a day, I have the supplies to care for them. So if there are ever any wolves you don't want to keep, message me! I'll take them as long as they're not adults or about to become adults within 2 ROs. I also board wolves. Boarding fees are below.

-Pup=10 SC each RO
-Adol=15 SC each RO
-Adult=1 GC or 50 SC each RO
*Price is multiplied by the number of wolves you would like me to board

I'm a genderfluid bisexual minor(Some days I'm just it). I started Wolvden a long time ago. I'm kind, but not easy to get along with, an oxymoron, so to speak. That's it.

Abby the Absol

Name: Abby the Absol

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
Member Information
Name ⚡Thunder_ALPHA⚡
Pack Ashenwish Pack
Queen Destiny
Joined 2021-03-09
Last Active 2022/03/05 19:16:36
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