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_Rocky #34009

Welcome to the Tranquil Forests

An elegant gray wolf appears in front of you. She waggs her tail and cocks her head, indicating that she is friendly. You watch her warily, not sure what to think. "Hello, my name is Hurricane. I am the Alpha of Tranquil Forests. Please, allow me to show you around." Her voice is like daisies in a medow; so pure and soft. You agree to her guided tour. She bounces of. You step hesitantly over the marked border but gain confidence with each step. You make sure to keep Hurricane in your sight. 

You look up as a red feather lands softly on your nose. You sneeze, shaking it off. Hurricane looks back at you for a moment before turning back. You notice a cardinal on a branch above you. It sang a soft tune. The blue sky peeked through the soft, yellow-green summer leaves. Sunlight bounced on the wolf's pelt in front of you. The forest is peaceful; mice squeak in the undergrowth as you pass, birds sing in the treetops, squirrels chatter on the tree bark. And, somewhere nearby you can hear a stream running. You are sure there are fish in there.

A baby blue flower catches your eye. You stop to study it for a moment before bending your head down to take a whiff. The smell was very pungent, but wonderful. Hurricane, who kept glancing back every so often noticed that you had stopped. She sat down, waiting patiently and smiling, for a few moments before you lost interest and looked towards her. She sat up and continued the walk. Neither talked for the tour. You just enjoyed the sights and sounds of the forest. Leaves crunched under your paws as you passed a small cave. Catching the smell of fox, you quicken your pace not wanting to get into a quarrel. 

It had been about an hour. You had passed cliffs, rivers, beautiful mossy landscapes, dew-laden clearings, towering trees, and even a family of passing quail. Hurricane stopped and turned around. You met her gaze, confused for a moment at why she had stopped. The gray wolf opened her jaws to speak. "This concludes our territory tour. I do hope you enjoyed." she paused, wagging her tail and did a little jump revealing a puppish side to her. "If you wish, I would be obliged to show you my pack." She awaits your opinion silently. 

- Yes -  - No -



You wag your tail, excited to see their camp. "Okay!" Hurricane smiles, turning to the right. In front of them laid a well thawed path which smelled of many wolves. The camp laid ahead. 



"No thanks, I think someone might be missing me." you reply. Hurricane nodds, understanding. "I bid you fair well. Happy trails!" she takes a well paved path paved my many paws. She had a skip in her step as she padded away. You turn the opposite direction that lead out of the pack territory. 

_Rocky (#34009)

Pack Name: 
Tribe of Tranquil Forests

Pack Foundation Date: 
December 19, 2020

Pack Alpha: 
Hurricane (female gray wolf with green eyes. White irish, gray unders, and gray saddle ticking)

Total Wolves: 
Adults - 13
Adols - 0
Pups - 4

Total Deaths: 
°Pine (2 months)
°Sequoia (5 months)

Mutated Wolves: 
°Summit (f)
°Cascade (m)

Immortal Wolves: 

Pack Ranks

 · Alpha ·

°Hurricane (f)

· Beta ·

°Slight (f)

· Medic ·

°Mossy Dog (m)

· Stud ·

°Dapple (m)


· Hunters ·

°Apollo (m)

°Birch (f)

°Forest (m)

°Haki (f)

°Trout (f)

°Wasp (f)

· Scouts ·

°Cypress (m)

°Summit (f)


· Pupsitters ·

°Honeydew (f)

°Slight (f)


· Pregnant Wolves ·


· Pups ·

| Litter #1 / Mother: Sandstorm / Father: Dapple |

°Alder (m) x

°Aspen (m) x

°Birch (f)

°Pine (m) x

°Sequoia (f) x

| Litter #2 / Mother: Slight / Father: Dapple |

°Peat (f)

°Mammoth (m) x

°Sphagnum (f)

| Litter #3 / Mother: Summit / Father: Idris ( |

°Cricket (m)

°Hornet (m)

°Cascade (albino) (m)

°Beetle (m)

· Adolescents ·



-Obtain an albino wolf x

-Obtain a melanistic wolf 

- Have an immortal wolf with a mutation

- Breed a Tier III

- Breed a Tier II x

- Get my dream stud

- Unlock all biomes

- Move pack to the glacier biome

- Gain at least 50 gc

- Redesign alpha

- Get tundra lunar background 

Member Information
Name _Rocky
Pack Tribe of Tranquil Forests
Pack Leader Hurricane
Joined 2020-12-19
Last Active 2022/01/08 22:04:45
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