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Sabueso #3306

About Me

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Hello, welcome to my den, my name is Sabueso but you may call me Sabu.

I auto-accept all friends requests. I do not mind if you send me a DM here and there as long as it is game related.

I was born in Barcelona, Spain. Currently, I officially live in New York so I am normally 3 hours ahead of game time. However, I travel a lot so sometimes I can be active during different times due to the time zone differences. So, I do kindly ask that you're patient with me if I am not online.

I can help with HTML and am open to DMs about the subject

Game Schedule

Please be patient if the time is not between these hours

Monday-Thursday: 06:00-14:00

Friday: 06:00-19:00

Saturday: 07:00-19:00

Sunday: 07:00-14:00

All times are based on Wolvdens timezone so please use the ingame clock.


Conversion rate: 1GC:100SC

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The Lunar Shadows Tribe

The Lunar Shadows Tribe of Wolvden is a discord server that welcomes members from all parts of wolvden (except troublemakers)

We host contests, raffles and we play games and music right on the server. Join us and enjoy the community <3 

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Member Information
Name Sabueso
Pack The Aniwaya Pack
King Dasan
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 8 minutes ago
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