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Rhallwyn #29990

Rare rolling, if I have not rolled by 2:00 WD Time I will not roll that day.

About the Player Rhallwyn

Hello everyone!

My name is Ragna, also known under my artist name Rhallwyn.
I was born in 1988 and come from Germany ( WD time +9h )  

My Instagram Acount



My Sales

This Wolves are for sale atm, otherwise you can look at my den, all Wolves with the Symbol "💲" are soon for sale, you can PM me if you want to reserve one.By the way, all Wolves with the "❌" into his name are Trainings fodder. If you want to buy one - feel free to PM me.

Here you can found my Item´s Sale

If you have further questions don't hesitate to pm me!

My Raffels, sometimes I have some open, sometimes not :D

And at last, here you can found all the Custom Decors that I sell. Some of them a Co-Up Decors with Skalldor

Stud Page
Sale Chatter
Art Chatter

Custom Decor Comission Chatter

Member Information
Name Rhallwyn
Pack Casalos
Leader 👻Demon Zoey
Joined 2020-11-19
Last Active 26 minutes ago