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🐺 VolKEK 🐺 #27105

Wd time + 10 hours 

Hey, welcome to my den! I'm not sure how I supposed to decorate my profile page, so I write some things about me

 the info: 

- English is not my native language,  so please forgive me some strange word combination, or maybe some mistakes in sentences! Thank you for patience

- I usually sleep from 14:00  till 22:00 wd time 


- He/Him, if you interested 

- I can draw and you may ask me to draw something. I could do it for SC or GC. Just PM me, show wolf or whatever and offer price 

- my pack is Alabama. I think that inbreeding is fun, so I will try to make as more inbreeding as possible 

- healing salves is my main way for making money, yes 

- I love my potato wolfs 

- I really love using some random sht on my terrible potatoes which I love with all my heart 


- rma

- a lot of gc 

- a lot of sc 

- total shuffle 

My main game goals:

- get albino wolf  ✔

- get melano wolf ✔

- get any lethal mutation wolf

- get T3 

- additional goal: get FLINT T3!

-  not die in process of completing my goals 

💎 - Love this wolf. Memes or lore or appearance 

🧿 - Using for breeding projects 

My artworks: 

Chinese melano with pups

Ice baby and his litter 


Member Information
Name 🐺 VolKEK 🐺
Pack SabakiEbalaki
Alpha Zloy Suka 2.0
Joined 2020-11-06
Last Active 2 hours ago
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