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Broody Mage #23390

No random friend requests, please <3 - Looking for a stud? Visit my NBW Mojave Stud.


Dragon Age - Dishonored - BioShock - Thief The Dark Project and Star Wars lover


I'm Broody Mage here on Wolvden, but you can call me anything you like really, as I don't much have a fixed online username anyway. - Not really active in here, maybe later when we get more content, or I get more time.
I write - read - do art - play video games, and occasionally I RP.

I can be found at

DeviantART as
Rohtotohtori or Etrel

[SOME of my art has NSFW content, please head the warnings!]

Member Information
Name Broody Mage
Pack Minhiriath
Queen Mornwen
Joined 2020-10-26
Last Active 6 hours ago
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