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viverrinae #17467

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  • I am Viv, but Samm also works.
  • My pronouns are they/them. I identify as non-binary. 
  • This physical body has spent 24 rotations around the Sun on this planet but my brain resets itself every two seconds so its always new, lol. 
  • Acceptance, forgiveness, growth, well being
  • Hiking, collecting things because I like them. Such as rocks, sticks, bones when I remember to take baggies. 
  • Vidya game~ Ark, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Minecraft, Among Us
  • I believe in equal rights for all.
  • Capitalism is trap. Poverty is a trap. 
  • Carpe diem.
  • Commit to the process, detach from the outcome. 
  • I love dogs and have an avid interest in dog behavioral sciences. 
  • I like taking pictures up close of random things and flowers.
  • Mushrooms are nice things. 
  • Sometimes I draw and paint. 
  • Please feel free to message me if you think we'd make good friends but fair warning, I am not only extremely socially awkward, but also socially isolated which makes that worse. Please be patient with me. 
  • My birthday is Valentines Day *dreamy eyes*

Last updated: 12/17/20

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