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Midnight #116791

Hello, you can call me Midnight! So, some info about me:

Gender: Female (she/her), asexual and aromantic
Hobbies: Reading, playing computer games, playing tennis
Mother tongue: German (but I speak quite good English I think, don't worry!)
Pets: 4 beautiful, male rats named Freddy, Okami, Dragonfly and Manni (all about a year old), as well as two very cute, male degus, Waldorf (9) and Mantis (5)!^^
Favourite books: Endling (finished with reading), WarriorCats (currently reading season 7 book 1), Percy Jackson/ Heros of Olympics/ Trials of Apollo (finished with reading)
Favourite series: MLP (=My little Pony. And, yes, I don't care it's a children series, I'm absolutely obsessed with it :D, also finished with watching), TDP (=The Dragon Prince, also absolutely obsessed with it. Okay, I'm obsessed with ALL of my favourite series and books XD, but when it comes to TDP, I'm just hyperactive, also finished with watching and waiting for season 6 to come out now (PLEASE COME OUT SOONNNNN)) and Dragons (the whole franchise, also the films, also finished with watching)
If you also like one of the books or series above (or maybe you're even obsessed with one of them), feel free to message me at any time! I LOVE to talk to people from the same fandom about plot points or characters! :D
But if you are a TDP fan, expect me to be hyperactive while chatting :D

I'm not accepting random friend requests, but after chatting a bit, I'm absolutely okay with sending friend requests! Also, you can always message me if you want to ask something!^^ I'm always ready to answer questions or negotiate! The only thing that's important: Be nice and respectful.


-Get a bronze wolf with no, almost invisble or fitting (in my opinion) markings: ❌️
-Breed a wolf with 750+ birth stats: ❌️
-Scout out the Taiga completely and move to it: ✅️ (I'm now in the Coniferous Forest XD)
-Breed a piebald pup: ✅️
-Breed a deaf pup: ❌️
-Breed a blind pup: ❌️
-Get a wolf to level 20: ❌️
-Defeat a level 20 opponent: ✅️ Reached on the 20th of October 2023, in the Tundra against a wolf with Hyena'Fur level 16
-Have 30 or less wolves, who will stay in the pack, in the pack: ❌️
-Get this super duper cute puppy stages! : ✅️
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Name Midnight
Pack Moonstone Lake Pack
Alpha 🕊Lavenderpaw
Joined 2023-02-21
Last Active 1 minute ago
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