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Lavender #115383

iso Piebald (no yellow/gold)

Hello! I'm Lavender! I am really enjoying this game! I'm always in need of amusement, cave supplies, and recipes! if you have any you are willing to trade for food let me know! I am trying to breed for dark-based wolves with pretty bright patterns! If you have any tips I would greatly appreciate it!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am an adult just enjoying another game lol. I am ADHD so I'm all over the place all the time, I forget things ALOT due to memory troubles- please be patient with me. I am a returning player from a long time ago, this time I hope I stay! Sometimes I am busier than other times, so again please be patient.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Goals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am breeding/buying wolves for my own sake really, I'm not In a competition with other people imo. I would love to breed a torn piebald with merle, I think it would be beautiful! If I am buying for stats, its to make them into a hunting team. Like I said in the beginning, I have an adoption cave set up so I can take on your puppies that you don't have the space for! I am having trouble making SC and GC, so any advice is appreciated!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for reading! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Member Information
Name Lavender
Pack Astray Crescent
Alpha Sheriff
Joined 2023-02-02
Last Active 2023/04/11 23:28:54
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