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WolfyFC | Mela Breeder #11176

Commissoined Art!

Sunchaser By sughuo #66736 Sage By sughuo #66736 Amitzur & Anubis by Aiyama #53713>


Man I got a wide as fuck span of interests but if you see anything here and would like to talk about it, my DMs are always open!

Video Games (Dishonored, -stealth games in general- Minecraft, Pokemon.

Shows (Daredevil, Shadow and Bone, a shit ton more that my brain cant think of right now)


Owner of the 24th and 25th Melanisms on site
She/her + They/them
I love to talk to new people! Been playing this game a while so if you need any help or just want to talk, shoot me a message! Art by Rippleskip :)
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Name WolfyFC | Mela Breeder
Pack Kumorie Pack
Pack Leader Raven
Joined 2020-10-19
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