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Dark #11173

Welcome to my profile

Names Darkos
Some call me Dark for short. I'm fascinated by all things dark or demonic. My favorite color is black.
My favorite animal is a wolf especially if its a black wolf. As you can tell i mainly Focus on Monochrome Dark bases. My hobbies are Anime{ okay maybe obsessed with anime}, reading manga, drawing and DnD

Breeding Goals
Breeding high stated and NON inbred Monochrome Dark Wolves. Working hard on the tier 3 bases as well. Melanism is a BIG part of my breeding most of my pack will have it in their genetic code. Albinism will be in the pack project as well. Markings i mainly focus on is rare black markings like smoke and shaded and the only combo markings you will find here is Silver and Sterling.
I do chase away alto of pups because of breeding requirements not being met but if you really want a pup just look for the ones with  " x " under their names and DM me.

I do have a DeviantArt for any who brave enough to follow on it. I'm working on a wolf comic book along with some other projects. I post all my wolvden and custom commission on my DeviantArt . If your interested in a Wolvden commission.
Here is a link to my art page
Art Shop
If you interested in a custom commission of your own characters / OC here is a link to my discord were we can talk for more info on your commission. Its also a good place for wolvden advise, tips or ant help in general, with a strong community who all love this game. .Link:

Wolvden United Discord Channle
We are stronger together than divided
"WE might be demons but its are job to keep the darkness at bay. Sometimes you need to be Evil to do a good guys job"-Darkos

Member Information
Name Dark
Pack Demonic HellHounds
Alpha ☠Hel☠
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 2021/12/20 04:08:35
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