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☁️drowsyopossum | felix☁️ #100876


Felix | He/it | 17 [20th Oct] | Autistic | Artist

I'm a mentor in the Adopt-A-Newbie group and I'm always up to answer questions for anyone who needs them answering! I know a decent amount about price checks, mutie breeding, and general genetics! ^^


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Goals & Wishlist


Get an albino [Achieved 12/12/22]
Get a melanistic wolf [Achieved 12/12/22]
Get a good chased wolf [Achieved 28/12/22]
Set first stud [Achieved 3/1/23]
Do first R&C [Achieved 11/1/23]
Get a piebald [Achieved 14/1/23]
Get both a torn & an uneven piebald [Not sure when achieved since I didn't realise I did it ]
Breed a lethal mutie [Achieved 31/10/23]


No main wishlist items currently! :)
You can find my wishlist here!
My Art!
Expandable + Scrollable! First piece of art I did since 2022 of my boyfriend's character! ^^

About Me
Expandable + Scrollable!

Hello, my name's Felix, I'm a 17-year-old autistic artist from the UK! My special interest is animals and was obsessed with wolves when I was younger (and still am), which is what made me want to join Wolvden in the first place! I have been interested in joining Wolvden since I was 15 and therefore joined the day after I turned 16. I have quite a few pets, those being my two cats, four mice, and my cornsnake!

I've been doing art self-taught for around 6 years now, I started when I was quite young and always took it very seriously! I started off as a Warrior Cats artist, which I'd consider to be my second special interest, then slowly transitioned over to furry art, but I find myself now doing a mix of both. I'll be working on pack art soon!

I'm a melanism breeder and will always have melanism carriers, melanistic wolves, or melanistic studs available! Feel free to PM if you're interested in buying any early! Melanistic/carrier studs can be found pinned on my pack!

Since I'm autistic and suffer from anxiety I apologize if anything I do/say comes off as rude or if I'm slow at replying, this is nothing against you at all and I try my best to be nice to people!
My Trades & Raffles


I have no notable trades at the moment!
Link to my trades!


I have a lot of ongoing raffles, including apps, trophies, recipes, and special NBWS that can be found here!
Raise & Chase

I have chased 741 wolves!
My R&C Spreadsheet!
This is mostly for personal use so I know where to post stuff, feel free to ignore!
☁️ Drowsy/Felix's R&C☁️, Raise & Chase Group ☁️ Drowsy/Felix's R&C☁️, Chatter
☁️ Drowsy/Felix's Found Wolves☁️, Raise & Chase Group

R&C Goals

Raise & chase 1 wolf. [Achieved 11/1/23]
Raise & chase 5 wolves. [Achieved 18/1/23]
Raise & chase 10 wolves. [Achieved 24/1/23]
Raise & chase 15 wolves. [Achieved 2/2/23]
Raise & chase 25 wolves. [Achieved 11/2/23?]
Raise & chase 50 wolves.[Achieved 2/3/23]
Raise & Chase 75 Wolves.[Achieved 8/3/23]
Raise & Chase 100 Wolves. [Achieved 13/3/23]
Raise & Chase 150 Wolves. [Achieved 31/3/23]
Raise & Chase 200 Wolves.[Achieved 25/3/23]
Raise & Chase 250 Wolves. [Achieved 23/5/23]
Raise & Chase 300 Wolves. [Achieved 30/5/23]
Raise & Chase 400 Wolves. [Achieved 17/6/23]
Raise & Chase 500 Wolves. [Achieved 23/7/23]
Raise & Chase 600 Wolves. [Achieved ???]
Raise & Chase 700 Wolves. [Achieved ???]
Raise & Chase 800 Wolves.
Chase one of each base [Not started, rule is that wolves must be R&C'able marking & eyes wise and must not be R&C just for the sake of getting a base off the list.]

Raise and Chase Banner

Member Information
Name ☁️drowsyopossum | felix☁️
Pack The Nightfall Prowlers
Pack Leader Lyretail
Joined 2022-10-21
Last Active 4 hours ago
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