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Eri #10057

Bi, shy and ready to cry!

Hey, Im Eri! I don't accept random friend requests but I'm always open to chat! ^u^

Scouts must have at least 101 wisdom or 101 strength to scout the Glacier or Rainforest, respectively. Remember that!!!

* Each biome and its corresponding stat is listed below:

Grasslands -> Speed
Deciduous Forest -> Speed
Mountains ->Speed
Riparian Woodland -> Wisdom
Prairie ->Speed
Coniferous Forest -> Smarts
Desert ->Strength
Taiga -> Agility
Swamp -> Agility
Tundra -> Smarts
Rainforest -> Strength
Glacier -> Wisdom
Member Information
Name Eri
Pack The warriors Pack
Pack Leader Kallif
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 11 seconds ago
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