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Level 15
Strength 106
Speed 85
Agility 122
Wisdom 76
Smarts 83
Total 472
Last Details
Death Age 5 years 7 months (Adult)
Sex Male
Personality Unknown
Breeding Records
Death Age in Rollovers 134
Pups Bred 5 pups bred
Base Goldenrod (1.46%)
Base Genetics Warm Light I
Eyes Yellow
Skin Fallow
Nose Fallow
Claws White
Mutation None
Secondary Mutation None
Carrier Status Unknown
Variant Default
Slot 1 White Grizzle (100%)
Slot 2 Honey Dorsal (100%)
Slot 3 White Neck Band (100%)
Slot 4 None
Slot 5 None
Slot 6 None
Slot 7 None
Slot 8 None
Slot 9 None
Slot 10 None

Always willing to listen, always looking on the bright side. Everyone's dad, basically.

Died from illness