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Paper Mill

Welcome to the Paper Mill

The Paper Mill pack can be found deep in the north woods in UP Michigan. Many speculate whether they even exist at all. A few folks up in the town nearby will tell you they've heard howls. Maybe they have or maybe they're pulling your leg. Either way, the Paper Mill pack was formed out of need. ForestMist was a new shining wolf traveling away from her previous pack and family. It was a stormy night when she stumbled into the abandoned paper mill. She found another lone wolf who was much more cream-colored and dusty than her gray coat. He had lacked a name until that moment when she dubbed him Duststorm, after the color of his coat and the storm they were in. ForestMist name had come from when she was born the forest was particularly misty. She felt love for this wolf, but only from the stressful situation. They really hardly knew each other and only started a family from that only. The pups they had sadly did not survive the horrible winter that came with the storm. In the coming months, Duststorm found Forestmist much too quiet, and Forestmist found him too brash. They stayed good friends and co-leaders but grew out of love, Duststorm was not to breed again but to only become the strong lead hunter. This is the beginning of the Paper Mill pack starting from two wolves in a storm. It is now a tight-knit group of various wolves with many different personalities. It mainly consists of aggressive hunting wolves who would fight claw and tooth for their pack and quieter stoic wolves for other jobs within the pack who think deeper about conflicts and settle disputes within the pack, this includes ForestMist.

Lead DuskSand
Played By Friednose (#10671)
Territory Biome Deciduous Forest
Cave Slots 2 / 10
Pack Adults 7 / 12
Pack Pups 2 / 60
Immortal Wolves 0 / 0

Nesting / Pupsitting
Nesting / Pupsitting
boiler room
Name Stats Info Currents
first floor
Name Stats Info Currents
467 stats L9 Male 3 years 1 month (Adult) 3y 1m Scout
299 stats L2 Male 2 years 0 months (Adult) 2y 0m Hunter
Runt | T2 Blonde 0.25% | 7M
348 stats L5 Male 2 years 4 months (Adult) 2y 4m Hunter
368 stats L9 Male 6 years 9 months (Adult) 6y 9m Hunter
268 stats L3 Female 3 years 9 months (Adult) 3y 9m UnhappyIn Heat (1 rollover)Herbalist
280 stats L1 Male 0 years 6 months (Adolescent) 0y 6m Secured
Het w&b keep?
280 stats L2 Female 2 years 4½ months (Adult) 2y 4½m Breeding Cooldown (17 rollovers)Hunter
227 stats L1 Male 0 years 1½ month (Young Puppy) 0y 1½m No Pupsitter
Name Stats Info Currents
281 stats L1 Male 5 years 0½ months (Adult) 5y 0½m