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🐺 Cathidus Pack || Rules, Lore and Summary.

🐺 Cathidus Pack || Rules, Lore and Summary.
Posted 2023-03-28 06:53:13 (edited)

Im taking a break in updating the thread, Beware that the info listed here might be outdated!
White Whisper (Standing) and Slate Frost (Relaxed)

The pack started off during late winter in Decidous forest led by Slate frost with her mate White Whisper.

1.  Pack Leaders cannot be a breeding male, and must not bred with the packs breeding male or other outside males. Only breed to their respective mate. Unless for lore purposes.

2. Do not inbreed, This is taboo to the pack.

3. Pack Leaders must be a descendant of Slate Frost and White Whisper.

Pack Traditions
• Puppies and adolescents must have 'Pup' after their first name, They will gain their last name after completing their training and after becoming adults.
Example: Berry Pup.


Posted 2023-03-29 18:22:22 (edited)

Year 1 Summary

• Slate frost and White Whisper had 2 puppies, Bright Pup and Cloud Pup.

Bright Pup (Left) and Cloud Pup (Right)

• Slate Frost decided to move in the Taiga.

• Bright Pup and Cloud Pup finished their training, Received their rightful names and joined the Moss bark Hunters.
- Bright Pup --> Bright Stone
- Cloud Pup --> Cloud Storm

• Moss Bark Hunters is now fully established.
- Mud Stalk = Stalker
- Spark Leap = Chaser
- Cloud Storm = Chaser
- Bright Stone = Chaser
- Dawn Wish = Finisher


Posted 2023-04-26 08:17:44 (edited)

Year 2 Summary
• Mossbark Hunters are having multiple hunt fails lately, They started to confront Slate Frost to move the pack to an easier place to hunt.

• Slate Frost agreed with them and moved the pack to the Mountains.

- Slate Frost, The Packs leader, had just given birth to four healthy puppies. It was a momentous occasion for the pack, and White Whisper couldn't have been happier with the litter's size!
From Youngest [Left] to Eldest [Right]
- Flint Pup, Raven Pup, Dove Pup and Dark Pup.

• The Pack is now stocked with several Elk bull and doe carcasses freshly hunted by Mossbark Hunters, It seems moving to mountains was a great boost to the survival of the pack.

• Dawn Wish gave birth to Four Puppies, Spark Leap is the father. This is their first litter!
From Eldest [Left] to Youngest [Right]
- Yellow Pup, Fire Pup, Amber Pup and Mallow Pup.

• Several wolves have joined the pack!

Pack Leader:
Slate Frost

Gold Seed

White Whisper
Gull Catcher

Mossbark Hunters:
Mud Stalk
Cloud Storm
Bright Stone
Spark Leap
Dawn Wish

Hope Hill Hunters:
Honey Pelt
Owl Catcher
Silver feather
Honey Face
Ice Heart

Moss Pelt
Poppy Stream

Dark Pup
Dove Pup
Raven Pup
Flint Pup

Yellow Pup
Fire Pup
Amber Pup
Mallow Pup


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Year 3 Summary



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Year 4 Summary



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Year 5 Summary



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Year 6 Summary



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Year 9 Summary



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