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NBW Hornfels Price check!

NBW Hornfels Price check!
Posted 2023-03-18 18:33:11 (edited)

I just got this chased boy!

Base Hornfels (0.05%)
Base Genetics Muted Dark III
Eyes Blue
Skin Noctiluca
Nose Black
Claws Root
Slot1 White Wings (67% : T2)
Slot 2 None
Slot 3 Nightchill Inverted Smudge (28% : T3)
Slot 4 White Wraith (59% : T3)
Slot 5 None
Slot 6 White Undercoat (37% : T1)
Slot 7 None
Slot 8 None
Slot 9 Auburn Cougar (58% : T6)
Slot 10 White Undersides (54% : T

Someone mentioned they could be worth 200gc I just want to make sure before I put them up for sale. I hope I did this right XD I could find any NBWs with this base for sale so I thought I'd ask here.

❄️SirenSolis(NBW STUD)❄️

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