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Luthar the high stat natural G1 argent 1Gc or 200Sc

Luthar the high stat natural G1 argent 1Gc or 200Sc
Posted 2023-03-05 09:38:38 (edited)

If I do not get to you and your female is still in heat, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE message me by pm and kindly poke me. I have a tendency to forget and get busy but I come back eventually. I may start blocking people/wolves who cancel.

Den Page | Breeding Page

Name: Luthanavir
Gender: Male (He/Him/His pronouns)
Pack Role: Alpha
Stud statuses: Young
Generation: Gen 1/NBW
Lines?: None
Pups Bred in total: 125
Living offspring: 122
Carrier status: NA
Pups Bred with mutation?: NA
Pups who are carriers?: NA
Current Stats: 812
Current Stud Price: 1Gc or 200Sc
Stud price history: 2Gc or 300 Sc,1Gc or 165Sc,1Gc or 160Sc,1Gc or 180Sc, The old price for my first stud was originally 2Gc or 250Sc

I am: 
Fertility friendly
Inbred friendly
Traditional breedings friendly (ID in footnote,trades as gifts)

I will not
inbreed to offspring

What I want in return:
Patience. Because he is my lead and I'm working on boosting up his stats.
I would like to be able to look at the pups though. NO INBREEDING (TO OFFSPRING) Anyone who lets me purchase a G2 bronze/seal Melanism/melanism carrier will get life long breedings to both my current and next studs. Possibly looking to purchase a G2 Argent sired by him!

Items for amount of refunded breedings(including stud lineup. How many given+2 +plus generated number from 1-5(might be able to do more). Need to fix! But still accepting)
Claw Changer:
Marking Opacity Changer:
Marking Removal:
Nose Changer:
Skin Changer:
Eye Changer:
Sex Changer(always in need but): 12
Guarana: (may or may not keep on post):
Marking Applicator:
Base Changer:

                                            Notable Pups!




Unnamed Argent


Tickled Pink




Unnamed Argent

Unnamed Argent

Unnamed Argent



New Pup

                                            Stud Line-Up

Jake Sully (NightChill)

One day (Storm eye argent)

Dominic (high stat Grulla)

Drifting Wave(Pie,highstst,to be fox)

Thank you,T3,G 3,carrier(Decision to be made)

NBW Bron mel


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