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leaving game

leaving game
Posted 4 days ago (edited)
I have officially run out of money and I don't want to buy more gc. I can't take care of my wolves anymore, so just respond to this chat and ill send them to you for free. everything is fair game!

oh and I have a lot of herds and meds. and other random stuff in my hoard

If anyone wants zen my piebald just send 20gc so I remove him from being my stud.

anyone left after today will be chased

Posted 4 days ago
Could I take Juslyn and Chichi?

Posted 4 days ago
Could I have the amusement items, please?
🍰 P a v 🍰

Posted 4 days ago
Ill take the food and amusement and Mateo if thats okay

Posted 4 days ago
could I snag tyara?


Posted 4 days ago
May I take Kinu?

Posted 4 days ago
i'd love to take the applicators and grove items off of your hands!

Posted 4 days ago
i could give zane a good home <3 id also love some apps but i would take anything really ^w^


Posted 3 days ago (edited)
Have any GC left? Or apps if Moonglade doesn't take all

Also, is there a limit for wolves?

If not I'd like
Tazz (Very pretty boy)
Ocho (R&C Breeding)
Ghost (Also very pretty)
Yemi (Gorgeous)
Eric (Also Pretty)
and Harvey (Pretty)

If anyone else wants any of these guys lmk


Posted 3 days ago
@ kia

feel free to send me any GC that is left and apps.


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