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Looking to Learn How to Draw Wolves

Looking to Learn How to Draw Wolves
Posted 2020-10-27 06:31:49

I'm trying to find some tips on drawing wolves so I can eventually draw both my own and other people's wolves. If you have any to share I'm open and willing to learn.

For the record, I'm not looking to go full-blown realistic. Disney-style might be more my speed.

If you have anything to share, please add it to this topic, both for me and other would-be learners!


Posted 2020-10-27 06:37:47

So do you have any other past art examples? Because I can give you tips and tricks but if you are looking for how to draw the base I can dm you if you want for more info. If you are looking for more general learning I can send a video your way for canine and wolf drawings


Posted 2020-10-27 06:46:35

No. I haven't really drawn before. I'm looking to start. I'm mostly looking for how to draw the face using circles and other shapes. Honestly anything you can give would be more than welcome.


Posted 2020-10-29 23:40:48

I payed $10k in loans to an art school for a quarter just to drop out because its literally not worth the money im paying them so I feel like i kind of have a grasp on where to start ??? maybe? anyways Id probably start by learning to draw 'realistic' wolves, and then when you feel like you've gotten okay at then then try to incorporate more of your own style. Style will come with time as you develop your likes and dislikes when drawing and viewing other art. I know you said youd prefer a style more disney-esque, but i promise things will come easier to you if you study basics first. 

To learn id honestly suggest just tracing. I know that can kind of get a bad rep, so let me just preface. Tracing is for educational purposes only, and work made through tracing shouldn't be solely claimed as your own. ALWAYS make it obvious in the description or title (if you post it) that you used a reference to trace. Link back to the original. Theres no excuses or exceptions to this. Nobody will look down on you for that, when credit is given where it was due. Im sure you are aware of all this, i just stress it because its something i used to do when i was learning to draw :(

Anyways, lol, im not sure if youre going about this digitally or traditionally, but either way what youll need is to gather a TON of reference images, both of pictures and other art (just again, dont go claiming as your own.) If you want you can draw a wolf first so you can compare before and after doing your "research". But then after you collect your images, literally just go crazy and start tracing. Really pay attention to the angles, how the forehead slopes, the tiny bump as the bone ends and the nose begins, the subtle expression in their eyes. Just do this over and over for each picture. I know its stupid but i promise it works.

Then try to draw one from memory! compare it to the original. Note which parts you like and which you dont. ALSO i keep an 'art inspo' folder saved on instagram that i add posts to. Maybe you could do something similar? Just to at least study artwork, and again, really note what you do and dont like about a certain style, and then just incorporate that into your work. Dont copy a persons style as a whole, of course, but little things like certain overlays, or dramatics, yknow?

And finally just remember that nobodys able to learn in a day, and it takes a lot of time if youre starting from scratch. If youre coming to a point where youre beginning to hate your style, its just because your brain/eyes have grown more than your hands in their likings, and to go back to basics and to do some study work. Im by no means a professional but feel free to PM me if you ever need help or would like critique :) I hope that all made sense!


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