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🪶 The Sacrifice // Gen 3 // Badger Base // Smoke Eyes // H. Cataract Mutie, Mela Carrier

🪶 The Sacrifice // Gen 3 // Badger Base // Smoke Eyes // H. Cataract Mutie, Mela Carrier
Posted 2022-11-28 09:40:16 (edited)
The Sacrifice

Art by Srinyx#244.

"Oh how delightful, another Outsider.
Follow me and do try to keep up."
Meet Seldras!
Gen 3 // Badger Base // Natural Design // Not Inbred
Hereditary Cataracts Mutation // Melanism Carrier
1 RMA Exclusive Mark // 1 NBW Exclusive Mark
Seldras's Breeding Page
Stud Price: 1 or 350
Stud Slots: 10 / 15
Please make sure you read my stud rules!

Also, thank you for checking my newest stud out.
If you get any cute puppies from him feel free to send me a message!

Seldras Without Decor


Base: Badger
Base Genetics: Muted Medium III
Eyes: Smoke
Skin: Mud
Nose: Dark
Claws: Bone

Secondary Mutation: Hereditary Cataracts
Carrier Status: Melanism

Slot 1: Black Inverted Cross (100% : T1)
Slot 2: Cream Butcher (65% : T1)
Slot 3: Brown Carnage (50% : T1)
Slot 4: Honey Points (13% : T8)
Slot 5: Black Undercoat (100% : T1)
Slot 6: Cream Bottoms (40% : T0)
Slot 7: White Inuit Unders (15% : T7)
Slot 8: Cream Throat Patch (79% : T0)
Slot 9: Black Cross (100% : T1)
Slot 10: Black Cover (100% : T1)
Code by #86206


Posted 2022-11-28 09:40:32 (edited)
Notable Pups:
If you'd like to have a pup or two displayed here feel free to send me a message.
I'd love to show his pups off.

.|| Wolf Mother ||.'s Adira


Posted 2023-03-08 20:42:18 (edited)
My Future Stud

My future stud has been selected! Meet Myathilen! He's a Gen 3 albinism carrier with high stats, a very natural look, and two breed only markings. I cannot wait for him to take over as stud and I hope you guys are excited for him too!

My Previous Studs

He was my first Hereditary Cataract Carrier and Melanism Carrier stud!


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