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🔥HELP ME BUILD MY FUTURE STUD (Refunded Breedings)🔥

🔥HELP ME BUILD MY FUTURE STUD (Refunded Breedings)🔥
Posted 2022-11-24 13:00:36 (edited)
I am decorating my future stud, so if you have any of these items, I will give you refunded breedings in return! (I am also willing to negotiate a currency price instead.

◾1/1 Darkness Decor (idc how many uses) - 1 Refunded Breeding
◾Lunar Event Items:
▪ 1/1Lunar Forest Fog - 1 Refunded Breeding
▪ 0/1 Losna Base App - 3 Refunded Breedings
▪ 0/1 Caelum Marking App - 2 Refunded Breedings
▪ 1/1 Lunar Orb Bracelets - 1 Refunded Breeding

ALSO: Sentinal Pose if anyone would like to sell me one for 10 Refunded Breedings, and if not, I will just be buying the relaxed pose from the grove

Once I get all these things, here's what he'll look like!: The man himself


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