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💥 Trigger Warning 💥 The ONLY G1/NBW Storm-Eyed Iridium 💥 Lv20(800+) • 10M/6Rare/Wraith! 💥

💥 Trigger Warning 💥 The ONLY G1/NBW Storm-Eyed Iridium 💥 Lv20(800+) • 10M/6Rare/Wraith! 💥
Posted 2022-09-17 15:19:23 (edited)

‼️Time is running out! Cooldown clock puts Trig's last day between Jan 10th and 22nd! ‼️

💥 Tяïggєя Щāяиïиg 💥

The Only G1/NBW Storm-Eyed Iridium*

Her original NBW ("stormy" gray) hues have been upgraded to a striking dark blue/black aesthetic with traces of red and purple. She is equipped with 10 Marks, including 6 Rare (1 RMA exclusive, 1 breed-only combo, 4 Event).

Most notably, her unique colorization incorporates 100% Auburn Agouti, Moonlight Aurora, Caelum Smudge Heavy, Artemis Sallander, and Henna Wraith. A long-awaited Noctiluca Nose completes the theme.

Trigger's scouting career has given her carefully balanced stats, with primary emphasis on strength, followed by wisdom/smarts. As of 11/9/22, she achieved 200 strength and 700 overall! As of 11/11/22, upon hitting Level 19 (at exactly 5 years old), she was 218 strength and 740 overall! And as of 11/20/22, upon reaching Level 20, Trig is over 790! (Note: Her stats will continue to rise, up to 4 points per day, even though she is at the maximum level.)

Stud Fee: 3 GC / 550 SC
(subject to change)

Behold: The FIRST EVER G2 Iron Pup in the game!

➤ Please be patient! I usually check in throughout the day (PST) and will respond to stud requests as promptly as possible, but there may be some additional delay based on Trigger's energy depletion while scouting to boost her stats. If you feel that the wait is unusually long, or change your mind after only a short time, please PM before abruptly withdrawing the request.

➤ All fertility levels are welcome! (For VLF, GC is the preferred stud fee option, but this isn't a strict requirement.) If your female takes more than one full energy bar to successfully breed, I'll message you with an update.

➤ No inbreeding. (I have nothing against it, I just prefer to keep this shiny new Iridium line clean!) That means she won't breed with direct descendants.

➤ I may occasionally snoop through her offspring and show off especially impressive kids in her stud ad.

➤ Stud fee may change without notice based on various factors, including rising stats, new event marks, etc. However, I'm always willing to accept certain items instead of currency to cover the cost of one, multiple, or even "forever" breedings - please PM me to discuss the particulars!

➤ Stud fee may also be temporarily raised when available slots run low at the end of the week. GC requests will also receive priority at this point.

➤ If slots have run out for the week, I will open another at an additional cost of 2GC. (Send a PM to ask, or just a gift labeled "Extra Stud Slot"!)
(Pics Coming Soon! … but seriously!)

T3 Tally
Iridium - 35+? (hard to keep track anymore, tbh)
Slate - 12ish?
☆ Iron - 3 ☆
Seal - 2
Striped Flint - 1

✧ 11/18 - Second Iron pup sired (with a T1 female)!
✧ 10/27 - Sired the #1 (and so far only) storm-eyed pup with spontaneous blindness! (Can't really take credit for this one, though…)
✧ 10/20 - Sired the #1 G2 Iron in the game (#4 Iron overall)!
✧ 10/5 - Sired the #2 G2/T2 inverse opossum in the game (#1 monochrome base)!

(Last updated: 11/20)

✧ ✧ ✧

*Many thanks (and forever free/refunded stud fees) to Wo1fB1ight - her immortalized stud Ryndri Zaesyth previously held this title, and she has gone above and beyond, providing immeasurable assistance. 🖤


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