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Community Update #44

Community Update #44
Posted 2022-05-27 18:52:29

Community Update Day!

Just as a reminder, these updates are smaller and are more focused on the community.  Whereas Development updates are centralised on adding in new features, expanding upon or adjusting existing features, and implementing new artwork and coding, Community updates are meant to introduce weekly raffles, new weekly raffle studs, new polls, and showcase some minor changes and bug fixes that have been made in the past week.

Official Wolvden Raffles!

Some of you may have witnessed abhorrent behaviour within the chat room these past few days.  This is not the kind of atmosphere we want Wolvden to have.  To hopefully lift spirits, we're attempting to end the week on a positive note with three official raffles for everyone to participate in!  These raffles all have the standard fee of 5 SC per ticket, with a limit of 1 ticket per account.  You can enter all three raffles if you'd like!

Enter Official Raffle #1 for a chance to win some GC!

Enter Official Raffle #2 for a chance to win some Grove items!

Enter Official Raffle #3 for a chance to win some event items!

All three raffles will automatically end on 2022-06-03 at 00:30.

As a reminder, if you see players using harsh language, slurs, or just generally acting disrespectful and offensive, please remember to flag their comments, report them to the Modbox, and block them immediately.  Our staff team is quick to handle these situations as fast as we are able to, but the community's vigilance to keep Wolvden a pleasant and respectable website means so much to us all.

Customiser Contest!

In addition to the above raffles, we're also giving away 5 fully customised wolves!  You can design your dream wolf and submit it for a chance to have that wolf join your pack!

Entries are free!  You can submit one entry, but you're welcome to change your entry as you wish.  You must have a territory slot free at the time of the contest draw to be eligible to win a custom wolf.

Enter the Customiser Contest here!

Winners will be pulled on 3rd June 2022.  Winners are chosen by a random script, but the action is done manually.  We will get as close to 12:30am (00:30 Wolvden time) on that date as we can for closing time.

Raffle Stud Winners and New Raffle Stud!

Congratulations to the players that won a breeding with last week's raffle stud!  You'll know if you won, as you'll have received a Game Notification in your inbox informing you of such! As a reminder, the previous raffle stud's exclusive attribute was the Henna Cougar marking!  Henna Cougar is now able to be applied via Random Marking Applicators and Total Shuffles.

Our newest weekly raffle stud has been released!  His special attribute is the new Honey Cougar marking!  Enter for a chance to win a breeding with him by clicking here!

Poll Results!

Thank you all for voting on last week's poll!  It seems flowery/foliage ornaments are the top preference, with taxidermy/bone ornaments not too far behind.  We've notified our artists!

For our new poll: Has the hunting update helped you with pack management?  Please cast your vote by clicking here!

Moderator Applications Reminder

In Development Update #8, we introduced voluntary moderator applications that are permanently available to be filled out year-round!  We would like to take a moment to remind everyone about these applications, which can be found at the top of the Modbox, or by following this direct link: Moderator Application Form

Moderator applications are reviewed by Wolvden's admins as necessary.  We do not have a time limit on when applications can be sent in, nor when they may be reviewed.  We may not always need new moderators, but we would like to retain applications on file just in case!

To apply to be a voluntary moderator, you must have been registered on Wolvden for at least 6 months, be 18 years of age or older, and have a record that is fairly clean of rule breaks and trouble making.  We hope that applicants will have a decent grasp on gameplay knowledge in order to properly troubleshoot and assist players having issues with Wolvden's site features.

If you are accepted, you will be messaged privately by a site admin with further details regarding the position.  Please keep in mind that this is a voluntary position that does not offer benefits.  Wolvden's moderators are volunteers that offer their time to help catch rule breaks, enforce Wolvden's site rules, and assist players with their gameplay issues.

We are mainly seeking applicants that happen to live in the UK, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand; however, we are also open to players in other countries that may be night owls. That being said, everyone is welcome to apply—don't be discouraged if you're not in a desired timezone, as we're happy to look over all applications!

Posted 2022-05-27 18:52:56
Yayyyy News


Posted 2022-05-27 18:53:14 (edited)
There's newsssss

AYYY 2nd


Posted 2022-05-27 18:54:16
News! Third!

🏳‍🌈Gavroche is pan🏳‍🌈

Posted 2022-05-27 18:54:28 (edited)
news!!! :D :D (fourth!)

silver.onyxclaw ★ 👑 🐖

Posted 2022-05-27 18:54:56
This is so sweet, thank you so much, mods! I'm always so touched to see how much you clearly care about the community we have here.


Posted 2022-05-27 18:55:24

Posted 2022-05-27 18:55:39 (edited)
Big thanks to mods & staff for quickly handling the terrible behavior that's been in chat (rather randomly) recently. By the time chat collectively noticed, mods were on it! Love to y'all <3


Posted 2022-05-27 18:56:28

Posted 2022-05-27 18:56:47

Big thanks to the staff and mods with helping with the chats recently!