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White Fang,Seal NBW 1Gc or 165Sc

White Fang,Seal NBW 1Gc or 165Sc
Posted 2022-05-22 08:00:17 (edited)
Name: White Fang
Gender: Male (He/Him/His pronouns)
Pack Role: Scout
Stud statuses:  old man
Generation: Gen 1/NBW
Lines?: None
Pups Bred in total: 58
Living offspring 19
Carrier status if any N/A
Pups Bred with mutation: N/A
Pups who are carriers: N/A
Current Stats: 660
Current Stud Price: 1Gc or 165Sc
Stud price history: 1Gold cone or 165 silver cones,1 Gold Cone,1 Gold cone or 160 Silver cones,1 Gold Cone or 180 Silver cones, The old price for my first stud was originally 2Gc or 250Sc

I am
Fertility friendly!
Traditional breedings (Please put your ID in footnote, everything will go in trades as gifts)

I will not

What I want in return:
Your patience! Because he is a scout and I'm working on boosting up his stats.  I would like to be able to look at the pups though. NO INBREEDING (OF ANY KIND)

Items for amount of free breedings(including stud lineup/what you pay&how many you give is what you get)
Mustelid claws 0/11
Mustelid fangs: 0/15
Sex changers: 0/3
Marking removal 0/49
Eye changer 0/2
marking opacities 0/11
Skin change 0/13
Selenite claw 0/2
Lusxnei claw 0/1
claw change 0/10
Lusxnei nose: 0/1
nose change 0/14
Base changer 0/2

White Fang's Home Page: Home Page
White Fang's  Breeding Page:Breeding Page
                                            Notable Pups!
Night Fang
New Puppy
New Puppy
New Puppy
New Puppy
New Puppy(lilac)

Stud line up
Slowly Driftin
Night Fang
Ammo G1 mela carrier, Badger if possible

Posted 2022-05-22 11:20:30
Reserving just in case

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