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Entodon Seductrix - RETIRED

Entodon Seductrix - RETIRED
Posted 2022-04-15 19:09:39 (edited)
Say hello to Entodon Seductrix! A brand new stud for Hellbound Glory, he is a notorious flirt that may lack a little on the moral side, and have a certain knack for dragging others into trouble... but he makes up for it by always getting them right back out, usually by the skin of their teeth. He is a reliable nuisance, and he would like to bless your pack with chaotic children.

Entodon is a TIII Striped Flint with 100% Moss Smudge Heavy, Black Smudge Heavy, and Grey Tamaskan Unders. He's one claw away from having a full Fern set, with 719 Stats and counting!

Entodon is retiring soon!! He's had so many beautiful children and I thank everyone who studded to him, I appreciate it, and I'm so proud of my boy <3

He's DEAD. rip. For my first stud he did so well, I'm so proud of him and I appreciate everyone who studded to him greatly, thank you <33

200 or 1

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