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Development Update #14

Development Update #14
Posted 2021-12-20 03:22:10 (edited)

Feed & Care Changes

Today we are enacting the first part of our feed and care changes.  We've taken your feedback into much consideration and have decided to implement certain parts of the changes proposed rather than everything at once.

We will review if any further changes are needed over the next month or so, but hopefully these new systems will be helpful to the care of your wolves!

Feed All Play All

The Feed All Play All (FAPA) tool has been extended slightly so that you can feed a single cave at a time rather than trying to feed your entire pack.  You can choose how to prioritise the feeding and playing with your wolves based on your caves.

To feed by cave, there is now a dropdown box next to the usual tool location allowing you to select which cave you want to target.  Then just hit the "Feed" or "Play" button as normal!

Feeding and Play From Stacks

When you have a stack of food or amusement items of the same kind, you will now see a new pair of dropdowns on the "Stacked" page.  You can use these to choose a wolf and a number of uses and play with or feed the wolf from this page.  Hopefully this minimises the amount of time switching between items to feed wolves - and this is available for all players to use.

Edit: Auto-selecting the next wolf has been implemented.


To make playing with your wolves infinitely easier, you now no longer need to try saving your items at 1 use for crafting.

When an item that can be used for crafting is completely used up in feeding or playing it will now generate a "Remnant" version.  These new Remnants are now used in crafting in place of the food/amusement item.

Whether you feed/play from the item itself, from the stack, or from FAPA, each item's final use will generate a 1 use Remnant.

Note: FAPA does not report this in the success message, but all Remnant gains are logged in your User Log.

Remnants are very distinguishable in Hoard by their new item frame; they are categorised as "Other" and have a prefix of "Remnant:" for easy searching.  They are also tradable with other members!

Everything else regarding crafting works the same - just use Remnants in place of the item that was originally listed with the crafting recipe!

As a note Remnants cannot be used to create Nesting Material, nor can you receive Remnants when crafting Nesting Material.  Nesting Material crafting still requires actual items.

Anthro Wardrobe Backgrounds

We have added 7 new backgrounds to the Anthro Wardrobe!  This can be accessed from the Games page in Crossroads.

🎄 We hope that you have a very Merry Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate, Happy Holidays!

Posted 2021-12-20 03:26:47
oh I love remnants so much already


Posted 2021-12-20 03:28:41
wow, great changes! :0


Posted 2021-12-20 03:29:49
such great QoL improvements, well done


Posted 2021-12-20 03:32:30
Awesome QoL improvements!


Posted 2021-12-20 03:38:54
Really nice! Thank you so much for your hard work!


Posted 2021-12-20 03:46:15
This is sick! I was so worried about my pack and uses of amusment in general so I downgraded a lot. This seems like a epic update tbh! Very excited to test it out!

I also think feed by cave is going to help those who are mass getting rid of wolves with illnesses or starving etc to get rid of them faster or dedicate maybe wolves with pups over just normal hunters etc.

Very amazing work guys I think this is awesome!

WinterNexus | G2 AC/BC

Posted 2021-12-20 03:46:18

All my wolves are dying and trying to leave this is literally a miracle

Posted 2021-12-20 03:46:34

not to be a party pooper, but i fail to see how this makes caring for your wolves any easier.
i don't know about others, but it makes sense to me to prioritize using the carcasses that rot the soonest so i would never just go and use up the entire stack of one specific carcass, rather i sort my hoard by soonest rotting and open up several stacks to use the oldest carcasses from. so all this saves me is like one click at best, which is not that much.
and in addition to that, i'm not sure if this is intended, but the stack option doesn't automatically choose the next wolf, which solo item does, so it instead forces more clicks on you to play from stack than to open up an individual item.
i'm glad that the tediousness of the care system is being addressed and taken care of, but so far this seems not to improve it at all.


Posted 2021-12-20 03:49:14
I'm happy that you are trying to make this easier for the players.

However, the feeding and playing from stack option makes it actually a bit harder than just tapping the carcass.

For me, I go to the stack, click on the carcass, press feed until it is fully used. If I was to use this feature, I have to do two more clicks for every wolf fed (by choosing the wolf I want to feed), making it ultimately harder for me as a user and more time consuming. If the dropdown menu would automatically show the wolf in order to be fed, as it does when opening the carcass, now that would save some time and clicks.