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Community Update #9

Community Update #9
Posted 2021-08-27 13:16:46

Community Update Day!

Just as a reminder, these updates are smaller and are more focused on the community.  Whereas Development updates are centralised on adding in new features, expanding upon or adjusting existing features, and implementing new artwork and coding, Community updates are meant to introduce new weekly raffle studs, new polls, and showcase some minor changes and bug fixes that have been made in the past week.

Raffle Stud Winners and New Raffle Stud!

Congratulations to the players that won a breeding with last week's raffle stud!  You'll know if you won, as you'll have received a Game Notification in your inbox informing you of such! As a reminder, the previous raffle stud's exclusive attribute was the Cream Inverted Panda marking!  Cream Inverted Panda is now able to be applied via Random Marking Applicators and Total Shuffles.

Our newest weekly raffle stud has been released!  His special attributes are Storm eyes and the new Black Panda marking!  Enter for a chance to win a breeding with him by clicking here!

New Poll!

Thank you all for voting on last week's poll!  We're very grateful to receive feedback from everyone regarding your favourite element for playable stories.

For our new poll: Continuing on with storyline questions, if you could pick one core 'genre' of playable storyline in an upcoming event, which would you pick?  Please cast your vote by clicking here!

Moderator Applications Reminder

In Development Update #8, we introduced voluntary moderator applications that are permanently available to be filled out year-round!  We would like to take a moment to remind everyone about these applications, which can be found at the top of the Modbox, or by following this direct link: Moderator Application Form

Moderator applications are reviewed by Wolvden's admins as necessary.  We do not have a time limit on when applications can be sent in, nor when they may be reviewed.  We may not always need new moderators, but we would like to retain applications on file just in case!

To apply to be a voluntary moderator, you must have been registered on Wolvden for at least 6 months, be 18 years of age or older, and have a record that is fairly clean of rule breaks and trouble making.  We hope that applicants will have a decent grasp on gameplay knowledge in order to properly troubleshoot and assist players having issues with Wolvden's site features.

If you are accepted, you will be messaged privately by a site admin with further details regarding the position.  Please keep in mind that this is a voluntary position that does not offer benefits.  Wolvden's moderators are volunteers that offer their time to help catch rule breaks, enforce Wolvden's site rules, and assist players with their gameplay issues.

Minor Change

* The Crafting page has been optimized to load more quickly.
* Battling Reptiles as a quest has been removed from the quest pool.
* Specific Item quests should no longer ask for large carcasses (anything over 12 base uses).
* Herbalist recipes have been tweaked to display more efficiently when many herbs are owned.

Bug Fix

* Bug fix confirmed for Glowing Claw is bugged in horde.
* Bug fix confirmed for Emojis don't appear in deceased wolves' bios.
* Bug fix confirmed for Inverted Panda Doesn't Appear in Search.
* Bug fix confirmed for Quest are not loading.
* Bug fix confirmed for Snake Quest category Achievements not appearing.
* Bug fix confirmed for Stone Path Cave not loading.
* Bug fix confirmed for Strange Cutoff at Herbalists.
* Bug fix confirmed for The sixtuplete NBW duplication bananza.
* Bug fix confirmed for Swan Feather Decor and Parrot Feather Decor don't show up.
* Bug fix confirmed for Elk Ear Accessory Recipe not on recipe list.
* Bug fix confirmed for Moose Ears don't look so right.
* Bug fix confirmed for Floating Birbs.
* Bug fix confirmed for New Feather Decor Doesn't Show on Sentinal Pose.
* Bug fix confirmed for Move Biome Quest Doesn't Add Defeated Wolves.
* Collecting medicine from the Herbalist no longer counts towards the Craft an Item quest.
* Getting stuck in the final battle for the Move Pack quest should now be fixed.
* Bug fix confirmed for Unable to Collect Remedy.
* Bug fix confirmed for No new quests on rollover.
* Bug fix confirmed for GC not returning.
* Crafting a Gyrfalcon Observer background will now correctly give you the background, rather than a Gyrfalcon Feather.
* Bug fix confirmed for Inconsistent English Spelling?.
* Bug fix confirmed for Scouting Quest not completed.
* Bug fix confirmed for New Decor not in Prairie Raccoon Shop.
* Bug fix confirmed for Leaderboard page says boards update once per hour, Cooldowns page says they're live..

Posted 2021-08-27 13:17:27 (edited)
meatloaf my beloved

🌘 Kas and Zy

Posted 2021-08-27 13:18:22
Oh, that new stud is adorable!

Posted 2021-08-27 13:18:34
Yay, update! :D

Posted 2021-08-27 13:18:49
Wowie an update

sheep ✨

Posted 2021-08-27 13:18:58
Wooooo news time! =D


Posted 2021-08-27 13:20:09
* Specific Item quests should no longer ask for large carcasses (anything over 12 base uses).

nooo rip my income, who's gonna want these moose and caribou any more :(


Posted 2021-08-27 13:22:04
Lets goooooo some news!

Kewi [Teardrop Lover]

Posted 2021-08-27 13:23:28
everyone want a piece of meatloaf

Posted 2021-08-27 13:23:49