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Development Update #9

Development Update #9
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It's time for development update #9!  Buckle in everyone, it's going to be a long one!

Dark Theme
We have a fantastic new dark theme for you to enjoy!  It takes the main body of Wolvden from a bright, sparkling white to a nice moody dark gray with light gray text.  We've also got a new background specifically for the dark theme to reduce some of that contrast even more.

Some of the accent colors have remained with the hope they still give a bit of life to the site, and images are now more vibrant than ever in this theme!

You can switch to the dark theme by accessing your Profile and in your Account Settings there is a new Site Theme option.

As a heads up - screenshots in news posts may now be a mix of both themes!

New Den Options
While you're changing the Site Theme, you might notice another new option - Cave Display.

We have, by default, added in headshots to your wolf listings in your den, allowing you to see your wolf visuals at a glance.

We have added a second option though, and that's "Card View" - you can switch to this to see a large headshot of your wolves and condensed information!

Or if you dislike both of the new options, you can choose to use the standard listing without headshots instead.  This can be managed from your Profile settings as well!

Whatever you choose, that will be how you view all other players' wolves in the game, so there are no jarring changes between dens.

The Enclave
Anyone that clicks on the Crossroads page today will notice that some of the tokens have had a shuffle round, and that there's a brand new one there, too!

Enclave TokenClicking on this token will take you to The Enclave, where you can meet a new, permanent NPC called Lillemor (or Mother Bear)! Lillemor is a very compassionate bear who spends her time caring for puppies and trying to match up puppies with new owners.

Every day, up to three times a day, you'll be able to take a Puppy Quest from her. Currently, the reward for completing this quest is 25 SC. This will be changed in a future update to a unique currency and shop that she runs, which we will update you on when that is completed at a later date.

Enclave Quest Screenshot
As you can see from the screenshot, when taking a new puppy quest from the Enclave, you are given the option of three different puppies that you could use to fulfill your quest. You only need to find one of the puppies to complete this quest, and the choice is yours which one you use to complete it.

All puppies must be weaned, not an adolescent, not secured and not immortal. Sick puppies will be rejected too, but the puppy can be bred by anyone, which means you'll be able to trade in puppies you bought from other players if you haven't bred one yourself to match it!

The attributes requested are random each time, and you can also offer the bear an Amusement item in exchange to skip the quest, so you can take another one. You can turn in a maximum of three quests per day.

That's not all, though!

As well as having new quests to complete each day, Lillemor is a little more generous, and will let you leave puppies with her as well, and offer you a small amount of SC for them. (Unlike the questing, the SC given from leaving a puppy at the Enclave will not be adjusted to an enclave currency later on.)

Enclave Leave a Puppy Screenshot

Lillemor does not look for a particular attribute when you leave a puppy with her. You can leave any puppy you have bred yourself, that is weaned and not an adolescent, not secured, and not immortal with her, and she will offer you some SC for it. The SC amount is determined on the stat range the puppy has. The more stats on your puppy, the more valuable the puppy will be when handing it in. The amount given for any puppy is still a considerably small amount, even with the stat ranges. A 200 stat puppy would have Lillemor offering you 2 SC, a 300 stat 3 SC, and so on and so forth.

The amount of puppies you can leave at the Enclave every day is determined directly by your territory size. More territory size = more puppies you can leave each day. She will tell you clearly when going to leave a puppy just how many more you can leave with her until the next rollover.

That's STILL not all, though!

Finally, there's another step to the Enclave. This section opens up after you have unlocked pairbonding (which is done by completing the quest A Pair of Lovers, which unlocks after 30 rollovers of in game time). When that's unlocked, you'll see there are a list of puppies looking for new families.

Adoptable Puppies Screenshot

Puppies that get left at the Enclave will have the chance to be adopted by other packs. When you leave a puppy, this puppy will go into the pool for adoptions and appear after a cooldown of one rollover to other players. You won't be able to adopt your own puppy back, but you will be able to adopt puppies left by other players. Puppies will be available to adopt for one rollover before being deleted from the site.

Puppies will retain all their information prior to being left here. This includes their heritage, looks, stats, previous packs, who bred them, etc. Names, bios and footnotes are refreshed however, and all puppies come with 50% survival chance fresh from the Enclave.

You cannot see detailed information on particular puppies, and these puppies cannot be found in search. You will, however, see their age, total stats, sex and personality, and a little headshot to give a snippet of what they look like.

Puppies are priced based on their total stat ranges, which means puppies with more stats will be more expensive to adopt than puppies with lower stats.

Adoption View Screenshot

When clicking to adopt a puppy, you'll get a small snippet of their information again, and also a prompting to choose a pairbond to become the new, adoptive parents for this puppy. Any pairbonds owned by you can adopt puppies, which means both same sex and opposite sex pairbonds can become adoptive parents. This also means that it is a requirement to have at least one pairbond in order to adopt a puppy.

After you adopt a puppy, a new display appears on its Family Page to denote that this puppy is adopted, and a quick listing of who its adopted parents are.

Adoptive Parents Screenshot

This also means that the adoptive parents have a list of all puppies they have adopted on their family page, which has had a small edit as well:

Living Offspring Screenshot

Living Offspring has been renamed to Living Biological Offspring, and headshots have been added in the view, to make it easier to quickly recognise and browse puppies that are the offspring of that wolf. To that end, the 'Mutation' column has been removed, as we feel it is clear enough to tell what mutations are visible based on the headshot view.

Straight underneath Living Biological Offspring is the Living Adopted Offspring view, which shows a similar display to the biological offspring, just without the Base column, as the puppy isn't a genetic descendant from its adoptive parents.

We thought long and hard about pairbonds when considering this feature, and wanted to offer a way for same sex pairbonds to have some puppies of their own. We hope you like this concept as much as we do!

Additionally, this new feature brings 26 new achievements, 4 of which are challengers that you'll have to find on your own! We are making it a priority now to look at fleshing out the achievements - so expect to see more added for all aspects of the game with future updates!

Trophy Drop Adjustments
Thanks to your feedback, we have made an important adjustment to how trophies drop from enemies.  Three conditions apply:

* Trophies now drop from ANY enemy that is level 5 or higher
* Your Lead Wolf must be at least level 10 for trophies to drop
* The chance of trophies dropping is directly tied to your Lead Wolf's level, with the highest chance of getting a drop at level 20

We hope that these changes drastically improve the chances of finding trophies, especially for those of you at level 20.

More Caves
We have doubled the maximum limit of five caves to ten caves. The amount of materials needed to construct your caves will still increase with each one you build!

Heal From Herbalist
You can now heal your sick wolves from the Herbalist's page.  Once you have diagnosed your wolves, an image will appear next to the diagnosis with a count of how many medicines you have.  You can click on the image to use the item, and it will immediately heal the wolf.

Bug Lists & Minor Changes

Minor Change

* Deceased wolves will now start recording their carrier reports and personality from the point of this update (we cannot restore this for already deceased wolves), as per the bug report here.
* Small boost to Seal Carcass uses, from 10 to 15.
* The text has been clarified when receiving a nesting error that no wolves were nested.

Minor Addition

* Wolf pages now display who they were bred by, which is the owner of the female wolf at the time of breeding. As a small note, this has been tracking for a little while now. If a wolf has heritage, but displays 'bred by Unknown', this means that it was bred before the tracking for this started.

Bug Fix

* Bug fix confirmed for Daily 25 lunar essence not appearing.
* Bug fix confirmed for Elk Heart Shows Immortal Wolf.
* Bug fix confirmed for Dynasty missing several sections of information.
* Bug fix confirmed for Visual illness broke sentinel wolf's image.
* Bug fix confirmed for Can't Submit Universal Decor.
* Bug fix confirmed for Cannot view full trade title on mobile.
* Bug fix confirmed for Rollover reports an illness spreading, wolf not actually sick.
* Bug fix confirmed for Biography breaks when wolf is reclaimed.
* Bug fix confirmed for Wolf nursing Puppies for 12 Rollovers.
* Bug fix confirmed for Refresh during befriending leading to strange behavior.
* Bug fix confirmed for Did not receive 50 SC when in 1st place on Leaderboard.
* Bug fix confirmed for Custom Decor filter resets when navigating.
* Bug fix confirmed for On hold bug mentions data wipe.
* Bug fix confirmed for Immortal Wolf Proficiency Notifications..
* Bug fix confirmed for Wolf Ran and Can't Get Back.
* Bug fix confirmed for Editing a custom decor and adding a new stage on it doesn't work.
* Bug fix confirmed for Negative total uses healing salve.
* Bug fix confirmed for Role Play chat doesn't allow links from the "Looking For: Roleplays" subforum.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lottery doesn’t link to crossroads.
* Bug fix confirmed for Dug up item disappeared.

Phew, that was a long one! Please note that another news post will be due on Thursday 20th May as we prepare for our next Lunar event!

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Oh damn yeah


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yay dark theme! :'D I would love if there was an option to keep the text black in dark mode, as I personally am not a fan of bright text. ;u;

and oml this update is AMAZING tho ;o; I adore the pictures in your den! thank you SO much for this aaaa <33


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Yay!Dark theme!!<3.


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This is cool!


Posted 2021-05-17 03:57:21 /

Yeah I just clicked on crossroads and saw the enclave and was like wait- have I been blind or- 

Sam 🏳️‍🌈

Posted 2021-05-17 04:00:51 /

Omg this is so cool and so welcome! Thanks for the update


Posted 2021-05-17 04:02:15 /

man I am in love with this update! thank you. everything is so awesome, & its so super cool you listen to players feedback!! thanks for being an awesome team 💕

Bad Wolfittude

Posted 2021-05-17 04:04:15 /

Omg so many amazing QoL changes, and I can't wait to get acquainted with Lillemor! Thanks for this great update. :)


Posted 2021-05-17 04:04:45 /

Ooooh I'm so excited for adoption!!!!