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Development Update #8

Development Update #8
Last edited 2021-04-20 02:44:40 /

It's development update day!

Sentinel Variant

The first variant is here! It is a pose variant that will only work on a default adult wolf that does not have a Primary mutation. We present the Sentinel pose:

You can craft this pose from a recipe. The recipe can be obtained from rescouting and can be learned, traded, or sold!

 This is the Variant scroll design.

 This is the Pose Variant [Sentinel] applicator.

The Pose Variant [Sentinel] applicator requires 2x Wolf Skulls, 2x Wolf Tails, 4x Canine Fangs, 4x Canine Claws and 15x Glowing Spores! The applicator has one use, therefore can be used once on an adult wolf of your choice. To remove the pose, you will have to use the Variant Removal item. You will not receive the Pose Variant [Sentinel] back upon removing it.

Variant Removal costs 10 SC in Raccoon Wares.


A new Trade type has entered the arena!

Gift Option in the Trading Center

When creating a trade, you now have the option to send a Gift to another player. Upon selecting this option, you will notice the trade details section automatically updates to a gifting interface. You will be able to attach a message to your gift, which will be sent along with the gift notification. Unaccepted gifts will expire after 2 rollovers, much like private trades. As a safeguard, you must check off the "I understand..." acknowledgment otherwise you will not be able to send a gift.

Gift Option in the Trading Center Full Details

Gifts can be rescinded by the sender at any time before they are accepted by the recipient. The recipient can choose to decline the gift as well, which will return all assets to the sender. To make it easier to send gifts to other players, there is now a handy button on profile pages to take you directly to the gifting interface with their ID filled out automatically!

Gift View From Profile

Finally, you can find your outgoing & incoming gifts under the "Manage Your Trades" section of the Trading Center. Gifts will appear with a little "gift" icon next to them:

Gift View From Your Trades

With the addition of a gifting system, players are now able to refer to certain transactions as "free", so long as they are done via the gifting system. In addition, you may now offer giveaways in Main Chat and Sales Chat, with the requirement that what you are giving away is actually free and is done via gifting. Yay!

Happy Gifting! :D

Promise Transaction Notice: As is stated within our Code of Conduct, we strongly advise against gifting assets to others on the promise that you will receive something in return. It is highly advised that you keep all trades and transactions strictly to the Trading Center using the actual trade option, versus gifting others. Gifts should be done at your own risk with the understanding that you are not receiving anything in exchange. If you expect something in return, please conduct the exchange via the trade option. Anyone who conducts a promise-based transaction via gifting is welcome to submit a Modbox report if the situation goes awry, but please understand that these situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and we may not always be able to offer assistance.

Notice Regarding Gifted/Traded Wolves

With today's gifting update comes an adjustment to how gifted and traded wolves are handled. When purchasing a trade or accepting a gift from another player who has not yet rolled their account over for the day, any wolves contained within the gift/trade will not be able to be gifted/traded again until the wolf goes through rollover.

We understand this may be inconveniencing, and we are looking at alternative solutions, though it will take some time to implement them.

Custom Decor Updater

To coincide with the introduction of the first pose variant, the Custom Decor tool now supports submitting decors for specific mutations/variants (e.g. Brachycephaly, Polymelia, Sentinel, etc.). When submitting your custom decor, you will be able to select which mutation/variant it will be uploaded for.

On a similar note, the Custom Decor tool has had an "Edit Custom Decor" option implemented for all existing, accepted custom decors, as well as custom decors that are still pending approval. This way, if you realise you have made a mistake with uploading images, or you need to make a quick adjustment to your pending decor, you will be able to do so straight away without needing to submit a Modbox ticket to have your custom decor rejected. You can edit any of your custom decors at any time -- this does not require you to purchase another Custom Decor Creator or pay any SC/GC fee.

When you choose to edit your pending custom decor, a lock will be placed upon the decor, which prevents it from being approved or rejected mid-edit. Conversely, if your custom decor is being reviewed, that same lock will be placed preventing you from submitting any edits. Keep in mind that a custom decor being reviewed does not mean that it will be accepted or rejected at that time - it only means that a site admin is looking at your decor.

Some reasons for why you may wish to submit a custom decor edit:

  • A decor has been submitted as stage-specific, when you intended for it to be universal (or vice versa)
  • The decor's name or description contains a typo
  • You have commissioned refreshed artwork and must add in another artist for credit
  • The decor was expanded to fit a newly-released variant that did not exist at the time the decor was originally submitted

Please keep in mind that all edits must still go through an approval process and will need to be accepted or rejected by a site admin.

Befriending Changes

A bug was fixed earlier last week that involved rerolling the ages of chased wolves. This happened after a bug report came in stating that a wolf was befriended at the age of 7 years and 6 months. The maximum age wolf you should be able to find in explore is 5 years of age.

Unfortunately, we discovered afterwards that some players - mainly those part of a group that aims to raise and chase wolves into explore - were upset about the change, particularly as wolves chased at one year of age could end up found even older in explore.

After reading some feedback on the forums and chatting with a few of you, we decided to edit this change so that age only rerolls if the wolf chased is older than 5 years of age.

Additionally, we have made another change: the game will now silently begin recording whether the wolf you found in explore was chased or not, after the befriending screen. If the wolf itself was a chased wolf, it will not enter the pool to be found again if chased again. This will only apply to new chased wolves found after this news post kicks in.

Parents of Recessive Mutated Puppies

Carrier Status

Until now, carrier parents of recessive genetic mutations did not automatically receive the green tick in the carrier status report for that mutation, even if they go ahead to produce a puppy with that mutation. Whilst the existence of the offspring alone was enough to prove the parent was a carrier, we have decided to edit this so that a green tick is given as well, meaning to look this up with Gene would be unnecessary. This will apply to all parent wolves that do not have the mutation themselves (i.e., they produce an Albinism puppy, but are not Albinism themselves) and have not already had the check completed with Gene. This applies to all births happening from when this news post is posted.

Red Cocks & Great Tits

Red CockGreat Tit

We noticed that Red Cocks & Great Tits were not able to be applied to regular males that were in pair bonds unless they were breeding males. Technically this was an oversight, and this has been changed as of now, meaning any male (that is either a breeding male, or in a pair bond) can have these items applied to him.

In Game Year Counter

In Game Year Counter

On the sidebar now is a handy in game year counter, directly under the server time. This is exclusive to your account and different players may be in different years, depending on how many rollovers their account has seen. The explanation can be seen by hovering over the text (or clicking, if you are on mobile). We hope this will help with pack lore for you guys!

Small update: at the time of news going out, the in game year counter started counting at Year 0. We've just adjusted this so everyone begins on Year 1, so everyone should have gone up by 1 year.

Moderator Applications

If you have ever wanted to moderate for Wolvden, now is your chance—as of today, we are opening permanent voluntary moderator applications! At any time of day, you are able to submit a moderator application. These applications will be reviewed by Wolvden's admins as necessary. We do not have a time limit on when applications can be sent in, and we plan on going through submitted applications on a regular basis. We may not always need new moderators, but we want to have a great base of people who are interested in sharing their time with us and making Wolvden a great place for everyone to enjoy.

Moderator applications are open to players who have been on Wolvden for at least 6 months, are 18 years of age or older, and have a record that is fairly clean of rule breaks. We hope that applicants will have a decent grasp on gameplay knowledge in order to properly troubleshoot and assist players having issues with Wolvden's site features.

Once you submit an application, it will mark your account as having applied, so you are unable to submit another application until your current one is reviewed. If your application is rejected, you can apply again in 2 months' time. We would greatly appreciate if you took that 2 month downtime to review what you could improve for your next application!

If you are accepted, you will be messaged privately by a site admin with further details regarding the position. Please keep in mind that this is a voluntary position that does not offer benefits. Wolvden's moderators are volunteers that offer their time to help catch rule breaks, enforce Wolvden's site rules, and assist players with their gameplay issues.

The link to apply can be found at the top of the Modbox—or, you can click here!

Decoration and Backgrounds!

Time for some fancy decor content for you to decorate your wolves with!

Dandelion Decor
10x Dandelion
Recipe found during Foraging

Yarrow Decor
10x Yarrow
Recipe found during Foraging

Guaiacum Crown
10x Guaiacum
Recipe found during Foraging

Tansy Crown
10x Tansy
Recipe found during Foraging

Goldenseal Accent
10x Goldenseal
Recipe found during Foraging

Rabbit Carcass Decor
10x Rabbit Carcass
Recipe found with Bones in Explore

Squirrel Carcass Decor
10x Squirrel Carcass
Recipe found with Bones in Explore

Owl Feather Decor
10x Owl Feathers
Recipe found with Toys in Explore

How about some craftable backgrounds?

Winterfat Trail
30x Winterfat
Recipe found during Foraging

Arnica Meadow
30x Arnica
Recipe found during Foraging

Blooming Garlic
30x Garlic
Recipe found during Foraging

Fields of Tansy
30x Tansy
Recipe found during Foraging

Green Meadow
30x St. John's Wort
Recipe found during Foraging

Leftover Bones
30x Bone
Recipe found with Bones in Explore

Hunting Barn Owl
20x Owl Feather, 20x Large Leaf
Recipe found with Toys in Explore

Falcon's Nest
20x Peregrine Falcon Feather, 20x Large Rock
Recipe found with Toys in Explore

Chilling Blue Jays
20x Blue Jay Feather, 20x Large Branch
Recipe found with Toys in Explore

Chattering Parakeets
20x Parrot Feather, 20x Large Branch
Recipe found with Toys in Explore

Seaside Gull Flock
20x Gull Feather, 20x Large Rock
Recipe found with Toys in Explore

Swan Lake
20x Swan Feather, 20x Large Rock
Recipe found with Toys in Explore

Roaming Chickens
20x Chicken Egg, 20x Dandelion
Recipe found with Toys in Explore

Sunlit Cave
30x Large Rock
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

Desolate Cave
30x Large Rock
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

Cold Cave
30x Large Rock
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

Path of Boulders
30x Large Rock
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

Fallen Tree
30x Large Branch
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

Overgrown Arches
20x Large Rock, 10x Large Leaf
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

Overgrown Cave
20x Large Rock, 10x Large Leaf
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

Overgrown Den
10x Large Branch, 10x Large Rock, 10x Large Leaf
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

Eternal Slumber
2x Elk Antlers, 10x Large Leaf, 10x Large Branch
Recipe found with Den items in Explore

And finally, here are a list of bug fixes and minor additions/updates that have been added to the game since the last update:

Minor Change

* For consistency, opponents previously described as Aggressive or Fearless in the tooltip, are now always described as Fearless.
* For clarity, the "Regular Bite" modifier has been renamed to "Base Modifier".
* When searching trades, the number of "Wolves" now includes nursing pups to be more accurate.

Minor Addition

* Inbox "Saved" folder will now show a counter if it contains any unread messages.

Bug Fix

* Bug fix confirmed for Encounter that dropped Mouthful of Feathers Recipe not correctly logged.
* Bug fix confirmed for 50 GC lost.
* Bug fix confirmed for Daily RO summary says my lead is sick, but she's not.
* Bug fix confirmed for Notification to claim hunting prey not going away.
* Bug fix confirmed for Random punctuation in user log Rescouting message.
* Bug fix confirmed for Inconsistent usage of "its" vs. "their" for a wolf.
* The Badly Wounded status has been fixed to properly apply when you bleed your opponent twice.
* Opponents that are both Slow and Fearless now correctly apply both modifiers to dice rolls, not just the first one.
* Bug fix confirmed for Can choose to attack NBW during befriending, despite lead being at 1 HP..
* Bug fix confirmed for Can't set second scout.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lunar Battle Bleeding After Successful Rest.
* Bug fix confirmed for User log type-o.
* Bug fix confirmed for Able to see dynasty of someone you've blocked/been blocked by.
* Bug fix confirmed for Purple eye app not available, Indigo eyes still avaiable.
* Bug fix confirmed for Unfinished border when wolves are present.
* Bug fix confirmed for Bulbous lunar flower description misspelled.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lunar Essence from Rollover is included in counter/cap.
* Bug fix confirmed for Rollover screen bugged, rolled over 2 times in a day.

Posted 2021-04-20 02:17:19 /

eyyy news wooohhoooo

🌿| Gary the Garu |🦅

Posted 2021-04-20 02:19:43 /

This update is amazing, thank you guys so much! 8D


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That pose looks so cool


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Really nice updates!  Thanks team!


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Loving the update!!!

The variant is amazing and I'm so happy to see the in-game year counter I suggested (if you got the idea from my suggestion, of course XD)

Editing to add that I love also the new decors and backgrounds!!! I can't wait to find the recipes!!!


Posted 2021-04-20 02:23:18 /

So much new tings, thank you this pose is wonderful !


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Such a wonderful update, thank you so much for all the hard work! I love the variant.


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Love the pose!


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What an update!!! So good :D