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Turtle Racing

Turtle Racing
Posted 2021-04-18 18:01:33 /

Hello friends. I have too many pets IRL and I'm always looking for excuses to have more. I love my furry, scaly, and wet babies. 

What if we were able to find turtles in Explore and train them to race against other player's turtles? They could have basic stats to be increased per level (Speed obviously, Stamina, maybe Size??? very small turtles and very large turtles could move slower while mid-sized turtles move faster?). We could feed them herbs to keep them from starving, build them habitats to live in out of Large Branches, Large Rocks, and Large Leaves (maybe 5 of each item per turtle?). Depending on the place they finish in the race, we could earn SC; 1st place 50sc, 2nd place 40sc, 3rd place 30sc, etc or we could even earn amusement items or something like that. If we no longer wanted to keep them, we could sell them on the TC or simply release them back to the wild. 

I'm still fleshing out this idea, so suggestions are very welcome!!! 

Gamy [Cool/Mono Breeder]

Posted 2021-04-20 08:01:13 /

I love this idea. When i saw the title i immediately thought of the legendary catch turtles from the fishing minigame as well, perhaps they could be obtained there as well.


Posted 2021-04-20 14:41:16 /

This gives me beetle battle vibes from lioden and im all for it. I do hope they put something like that into wolvden. 


Posted 2021-04-20 14:58:21 /

This would be fun! I’d love this as an alternative to beetle battling