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☼ Lore Clan ☼ Join Now! c:

☼ Lore Clan ☼ Join Now! c:
Posted 2020-10-10 19:10:01 (edited)

Welcome to Lore Clan
always accepting new members!

art of our mascot, Maximus, done by liz #16243

event page | discussion page | announcements

What is Lore Clan?

Lore Clan is a family based around the common love of stories: whether that means writing, drawing, or simply reading them. Here, you can share the stories behind your pack and enjoy positive and constructive feedback. Or, if you're not seeking feedback, just share your writing to an eager audience. Lore Clan's goal is to unite the artists, authors, and lore enthusiasts of Wolvden to create a positive environment for sharing creative writings and artwork. Any and all types of Lore are accepted in Lore Clan; it can be as realistic or as fantastical as you'd like.

Lore Clan Activities and Perks

➳. Access to a fun and friendly community based around the simple joy of creating.
➳. Monthly writing/drawing competitions based around your own pack.
➳. Occasional Seasonal & Milestone Events
➳. Exclusive Breeding Discounts available only to Lore Clan members.
➳. Access to the Lore Clan discord, and it's exclusive events.
- Lore Clan Discord Exclusive Pup Swaps
- Lore Clan Discord Exclusive Mascot Bot

Lore Clan Rules and Regulations

➳. All Wolvden Rules apply.
➳. Be kind and respectful towards each other, and each other's lore.
➳. Any artwork/writing that may be considered 'triggering' must be labelled as such.
➳. Bring any problems/disputes to a Lore Clan Mod or Helper. Do not fight in dms or the forums.
➳. Anyone caught plagiarizing or stealing artwork will be booted from the clan and reported to Wolvden Moderators

Lore Clan Staff

➳. Admin: Ghostie #1499
➳. Moderator(s): Revukan #8977 , Rappadappa #2168
➳. Minimod(s): tay #13638 , peach.king #419


Posted 2020-10-10 19:13:48 (edited)

last updated 8/26/2021

art of our mascot, Maximus, done by Kantee #5266

event page | discussion page | member list

today announcement

the event prize award has been upped from 5gc to 50gc to encourage more participation within our community! This month's contest is an art contest; welcoming all sorts of artworks, from traditional to digital. It is 100% free to enter, so we hope to see you there. Check here for more information. <3

last announcement

The Lore Clan forum pages are receiving a well deserved face-lift! After the HTML update a while back, I thought it prudent to review the codes I used for the forums to make them both easier for our members to read as well as easier to edit for our staff! Because of this, unfortunately, the cave wall background is being removed and instead relocated to our brand-new Gallery page!

The Gallery
The Gallery is a place for members of Lore Clan to share their works, literary and drawn, with the Clan! Each week, a piece (or a few!) will be chosen to be displayed on the front page of the Gallery for everyone to see. This is to hopefully encourage more discussion between our members outside of the discord (we love you, discord community! <3) and to give you all a place to properly display your fantastic works. The Cave project is still very much active, and will also recieve a place of honor on the Gallery page for everyone to view and enjoy. If you'd like to submit a painting for the cave wall, please do so here: click me!!

Regarding Monthly Events...
Because I know some of you aren't on the discord (and even the ones that are may be a little confused!) I know some of you haven't heard of our recent decision to make some monthly event adjustments. Previously, each month we would host a competition based around a prompt submitted to our discord. However, upon noticing how draining it could be to write something each month, Lore Clan staff decided to introduce some new events!

Currently, our new events are song-based art competitions and fundraisers! These, along with the original monthly prompt competitions, will be cycled through month-by-month starting now. The song based competitions work similarly to the writing prompt contests, but rather than a prompt, users can submit songs through our discord to be randomly selected. The selected song will then be used as an inspiration piece for artists to interpret into their lore (canon, or not canon!) and draw! This will hopefully give our very talented artists a chance to really shine in the community, where they previously got less attention. Because August didn't have much of a competition, our first art contest will be put up today (be sure to keep an eye on the Events page!) and will last until September 29th, when submissions will close and voting for a winner will begin.

Lore Clan Badges

Lore Clan Badges are rewarded on a trust system policy! You're free to collect the badges you have earned and display them proudly on your page (please feel free to ask for assistance if you're unsure how!), but please only display the badges you have rightfully earned. Thank you c:

All Badges were drawn by our very own, very lovely, peach.king! <33 Thank you so much!! <3

Library Browsing: Comment on one piece of lore!
Avid Reader: Comment on 25 pieces of lore!
Total Bookworm: Comment on 100 pieces of lore!

Howliday Gifter: Participate in the Howliday Event
This Person is Loud: post 100 times on the discussion thread
Never Not Online: post 250 times on the discussion thread

Prompts Go Brrr: Participate in 5 Prompt Competitions
So Close, yet So Far: Be a finalist in a Prompt Competition, but not win.
Ez Win: Win a prompt competition

Novelist: Share 25 pieces of writing.
Probably Dying: Share 50 pieces of writing.
Please God Sleep: Share 100 pieces of writing.

Trade-A-Holic: Complete 10 trades among lore clan users.
Well, Sh*t: [hidden achievement]
Overpowered: Win three prompt competitions


Posted 2020-10-10 19:14:06

reserving this thread for later c:


Posted 2020-10-10 19:16:52

Hey I'm always down for a good story :o, count me in! I really don't have any lore at the moment, but I do want to create some. Also you should make a discord ^^


Posted 2020-10-10 19:24:55

Thank you for joining!! :O

And thats totally fine! I'm sure everyone's lore is still a bit under constuction, haha. I don't even have my own lore fully fleshed out! Speaking of, I guess I should introduce myself:

I'm Ghostie! My pack's lore (as it stands currently) is that my lead "wolf", Pathfinder, is actually a German Shepherd Dog that was abandoned by her humans in the mountains of Montana. A freak storm washes her out of her temporary den, where she discovers she has the odd ability of navigating perfectly through natural disasters, and in doing so, stumbles upon a wolf recently kicked out of his pack - Tempest. Tempest, eager to survive, follows Pathfinder out of the storm and becomes the first member of the Cyclone Pack. 


Posted 2020-10-10 19:51:33

I'd love to join! My lore is definitely under construction.


Posted 2020-10-10 20:10:18

You've both been added to the list! Thank you for joining! c:


Posted 2020-10-10 20:17:46

Thanks! I love the old wolf idea. 


Posted 2020-10-11 14:19:51

I'm definitely in! Unfortunately, like the others, my lore is still a work in progress, but I'll try to at least get a little basic background up when I can!


Posted 2020-10-11 15:04:50

Well I look forward to reading everyone's stories! Dang I really need to think of something!


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