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Coefficient of Inbreeding Consultations!

Coefficient of Inbreeding Consultations!
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Hi all,

I've been doing a lot of inbreeding coefficient calculations for my own breeding wolves, and thought it would be fun to do some of other people's wolves!  If you want to know your wolf's COI, or the COI for the pups of a potential breeding pair, post a link to them here and I'll calculate it for you!  In addition, I'm saving the files, so if you want to come back and try another pairing, it'll be faster and easier, since I already have a record for one of the wolves involved.

What is coefficient of inbreeding?

COI doesn't have an affect on the game in Wolvden, but it's important to real-life population genetics for domesticated animals or species facing extinction.  In short, it's a statistic to estimate the amount of inbreeding for an individual.  While close relatives have a large effect on the statistic, distant cousins have less of an impact.  Avoiding ALL inbreeding makes the game difficult, but keeping a low COI for your pups gives you more leeway with common T3 lines while still being realistic about your pack lineages.  You can read more about COI here:

What is a low (or high) coefficient of inbreeding?

It's up to you and the pack you want to build! I'm setting my bar at 1%, so I'm not doing any breeding that result in a pair over 1% COI.  When it comes to canine health, a COI of less that 5% is recommended.  Mating first cousins results in a COI of 6.25%, and full siblings are 25%, to give you some context to the scale.

A note about out-crossing:

The opposite of inbreeding is out-crossing: when two unrelated individuals bred.  Any offspring of two completely unrelated wolves will be considered NOT inbred by COI standards, however, this is often not treated as not inbred by Wolvden standards.  Some wolves which you may consider to be inbred because of shared ancestors on one parent's lineage will actually have a COI of 0%, if those ancestors are not shared by the other parent. Source for out-crossing and COI

While canine inbreeding isn't my area of study (invertebrate biology student here!), if you have more questions I'll be happy to research and answer them to the best of my ability for you!


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this is a really cool project! I don't need calculations for my own wolves (i don't think any of em are IB at all?) but commenting to sub! This is a neat resource 👀

Crickets 🦗

Posted 2021-03-23 08:04:51 /

I would like a calculation on my alpha please 

I know he's inbred but I would like to know how badly it is


Posted 2021-03-23 08:05:30 /
This is awesome! Going to keep an eye on this for sure! Thanks!


Posted 2021-03-23 08:12:25 /

This is a neat project! Thanks for doing this!

I've got a pup (Spark of False Noon) who is off-page IB (visible lineage is clean but he's got Ursa/Hanta on both his father's and his mother's side). What's his COI?

I also recently bought a pup (Owl) who turned out to be IB - her parents were half-cousins. If she had pups with someone unrelated to her, what would the pups' COI be?


Posted 2021-03-23 08:39:04 /

Coffee - Good news: your Alpha Coffee is not inbred (0%) by COI measurements! You wolf's great grandmother Mendax is notably inbred, however, with a coefficient of 12.5%, because of grandparent-grandoffspring breeding.

Lionel -
Your Spark of False Noon's coefficient is 0.49%. This is very low! Your wolf's inbreeding would not be likely to affect its overall genetic diversity in real life.
Your pup Owl's offspring would have a COI of 0% if she were bred to a completely unrelated individual.

I realize now I need to make an addition to my post about out-crossing:  one of the great things about COI breeding is that it's possible to have fully out-crossed offspring in just a generation, even from two inbred individuals, as long as the parents do not share any ancestors with each other!  I'm editing the main post now.


Posted 2021-03-23 20:02:31 /

im not here for a consultation, but if you haven't already maybe consider making a game development thread! i think it would be cool if the game automatically calculated COI in the family tree page. i think it would make inbreeding less of an "issue" and give people something theyve been asking for about the game telling you if a wolf is inbred. 


Posted 2021-03-25 14:06:06 /

Would you take a look at this girl?

I think she has Michael Scott in both her dam and sire, but distantly for both?



Posted 2021-03-25 14:13:24 /

Could you please check (☯️)Spánn Angan(BB☯️)Bifask Skjöldr and how inbred their puppies would be? They're both female, but I'm curious because they all have the same father.


Posted 2021-03-25 15:07:05 /

Keb -

Saikata's COI is 0.0061%! This is the lowest non-zero result I've seen so far. Great breeding!

Jusdreiin -

Here are the numbers for your pups:

(☯️)Spánn Angan: 37.50%

(BB☯️)Bifask Skjöldr: 37.50%

And their potential offspring: 38.28%

What an interesting family tree! Thanks for the opportunity to calculate them, it's fun to see how different breeding structures add up.