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Custom Decor: Seeing Decor on our own wolves!

Custom Decor: Seeing Decor on our own wolves!
Last edited 2021-01-27 16:58:59 /

When you go to view the custom decor you can have the option of viewing it on any wolves in your den that go with the decor. 

Example a Skull Mask for Adult you can view on any of your wolves in your den that are Adult Wolves. 


Last edited 2021-01-27 17:48:46 /
Before buying decors, it's advised to see in wardrobe how the wolf you'd use the decor on would look. Sometimes you'd like to attach a few of decors but it's also possible in wardrobe. Custom decors are quite problematic because there's no way of checking our already decorated wolves with these customs. It'd be really appreciated if wardrobe could read data from available custom decors and put them into decors list.


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True! I'd love if wardrobe would do that, even when you have custom decor on and want to add more regular decor in while in wardrobe, it'll dissappear and sometimes changes the whole look by doing so. By then you just have to guess and possibly waste a use on an item. 


Posted 2021-01-27 18:09:05 /

I might've just introduced quite extreme version of suggestion because loading the wardrobe takes a while as for now and as players innovate more and more decors, it might cause the wardrobe page to take longer time to load. Your idea of checking custom decors from the view on our wolves is absolute minimum. Optionally to this, include option to order the custom decor between current decors.


Posted 2021-02-11 02:55:30 /

Support to see custom decors on our own wolves! Please mods :D


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I support - it'd be nice to have a feature to "view decor on [X] wolf," possibly with some sort of drop-down menu to choose one of your own wolves to view the custom decor - either with the current gear you have on or without - before purchasing.

I've purchased a custom decor before that I thought would look good with a specific concept I'd been creating, but when going to Equip the new custom decor to my decorated wolf, it turns out an existing part of the decor did not go well with the new one.


Posted 2021-02-16 15:26:45 /

Support! I think this would be a very useful feature :D


Posted 2021-02-17 12:36:26 /

Much support! I don’t have the no how or the programs to preview these things on my own (not the time frankly) so while I’ve discovered it’s an option I don’t feel like I myself can utilize it. I attempted to deck my herbalist out in decor and it all looks.. terrible. Even though the decors are all beautiful, they just don’t mesh well together. This kinda soured my feelings on purchasing custom decor. If I had to waste several uses just to tinker a design into some semblance of flow. With the many different styles of lining and shading I think it’s even more important we get a chance to play around with our custom designs when dressing out wolves. I personally would be fine with the decor simply being added to the wardrobe but I’m not savvy on these things and that may be a bad mood. Whatever the devs can do to to make custom decors seem less like a game of slots where you’ll likely loose and have to play around with the design but there’s the tiny possibility it’ll all work out would definitely benefit me and any designers of custom decor I’m refusing to purchase because it might not look right.


Posted 2021-02-17 12:40:33 /

Full support, I know they have the capabilities to code custom decors into wardrobe as I have seen them do it before.