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Daily Tracker | The Tribe of the Great Rushing Rivers

Daily Tracker | The Tribe of the Great Rushing Rivers
Posted 2021-01-12 08:35:53 (edited)

This is my Pack tracker, where I'll be keeping track of my daily activities on wolvden :D If you have something to comment, please private message me, as I'd like to keep this clean as a personal tracker so that I can see what I did :D


Posted 2021-01-12 11:43:48

+ Tracker Rollover 1 +

-Tracker is set up by Leaf of Great Fennel, as he's not scared of the world knowing what his pack does anymore.
-6 pups born by Shade of Large Tree! Great job girl :D
-Bark of Great Cedar Tree's pups lose a bit of survival chance, but nothing is too lethal
-Pupsitters gain Proficiency
-Acanthite is injured by a rockslide! He stays in Hopi for a bit to rest, but after a bit, he insists he is fine and returns to Bark of Great Cedar Tree.
-Leaf of Great Fennel still has diarrhea.
-River on Mountain side and Shine of Golden Stone became Adolescents and have moved to Lakota! Woo!


Posted 2021-01-17 05:04:06

+ Tracker Rollovers 2, 3, and 4 +

-Unfortunately, Leaf of Great Fennel has been having trouble with their ancestors, and hasn't been getting much sleep lately, leaving wolves from not being fed and ordered around.
-Cliff where Eagle Nests has had her pups, but oh no! Leaf of Great Fennel didn't get the adolescents her nest made in time, and she lost two pups from having to birth in her den alone. 2 of the pups died stillborn. Poor girl didn't seem very happy once Leaf of Great Fennel finally checked on her this morning..
-on Rollover 4, many wolves came to Leaf of Great Fennel, complaining of being mistreated, being left without food to eat. A mass leave passed, with 8 wolves leaving that night. A distraught Alpha eventually brought three back with some food and Silver Cones, but none of them seemed pleased with him, often ignoring him when he came to check on them, mostly just taking the items he gave and shooed him off.
-Leaf of Great Fennel lost his pair bonding with Cliff where Eagle Nests before she left, leaving the tom-wolf distraught as she left right before his eyes. This has not helped his problems with the ancestors, possibly even worsening them.
-For some positives.. Scratch on Bronze Rock has become an adolescent and has moved to Lakota! Scratch on Bronze Rock is pleased to a point, distraught about some of his friends leaving that night.
-Four pups have weaned! Unknowing of the event, they did not realize as their mother left that night, but had returned that morning. They had assumed she had just gone hunting.
-Many wolves are sick, as Cliff where Eagle Nests refuses to speak to Leaf of Great Fennel, slowing down communication and causing the healing process of many wolves to slow down, almost to a stop.
-Leaf of Great Fennel finally cured of Diarrhea, at least one problem is gone..! With many others to crush it down, though.


Posted 2021-01-22 09:28:44 (edited)

+ Rollover 9 +
-I'm now skipping Rollovers I don't track. If I didn't, I'd be having 100+ sentenced things, so just no
-Leaf of Great Fennel has rolled over.. Nesting Material!
-Kanati has hunted 4 times today and got x1 Muskrat, x1 Pheasant Rooster, x1 Grouse
-Leaf of Great Fennel has explored 2 times today
-Cliff where Eagle Nests has foraged 2 times today
-Leaf of Great Fennel brought in an outsider, which he will be holding until somebody claims them.
-All sickness has been cured
-Kinda boring today, nothing much that's needed to do, since everybody is fully fed and amused.
-Leaf of Great Fennel has been getting better sleep, so he's been more efficient, so the pack is slowly warming back up to him.
-Currently busting my ass to get enough SC to get pack space for my adols GO GO GO- I LEGIT HAVE 3-4 ROLLOVERS LEFT, GO GO GO-


Posted 2021-01-25 18:32:30

+ Rollover 12 +
-Leaf of Great Fennel has rolled over.. 20 SC!
-Wolves fed and amused for the day..
-New Befriended Wolf has been chased, my discord server wasn't taking it so :/
-Fire that Burns in Winter and Owl with Fluffy Feathers have joined the Tribe of Rushing Rivers!
-Fire that Burns in Winter has joined the Kanati Hunters, completing the hunting group! Yay! :]
-Snake Quest was simple, just two things. Also, space was upgraded to 15 adults!


Posted 2021-02-09 11:39:59 (edited)

+ Track 5 +
-Leaf of Great Fennel has rolled over...
-No sicknesses or injuries! Or at least, not yet.
-Got 17 territory slots, meaning I can hold all of the wolves I wish to keep!
-added a "Population" section on my den page. Now I can keep track better :>
-the code has been rewritten and renamed by Leaf of Great Fennel! It is now called "Codes of the Great Waters that Shift".
-Alpha is looking for an Alpha Female, owo?
-The accessory "Dusk Regalia" has now been dubbed the jewelry that the main Alpha shall wear to signify their position! The Mossy Branch Decor is the same, but for the Beta Male.
-Strike of the Flint has retired from the Scout position, and her Apprentice, Glow of Alder Wood, has taken her spot as the Lipan Scout!
-Alluns is now the den for members of the pack who are descendants of the current Alpha, The Alpha's mate, and those who have finally reached 7 years and are ready for their retirement. It's the most comfortable den of the pack and many wish to live in it one day once they have completed their life's work.
-All the hunting teams have been completed! Each have five members either currently in it or waiting to take a position in it!
-We have a new Pupsitter team as well!
-Cliff where Eagle Nests has warmed back up a bit to Leaf of Great Fennel, but she is still not ready to link up again, if ever.
-I got my first chased wolf :O
-I'll note now, the pack is now 5 years old! Woah :0

I apologize for lacking on this! I'll be doing my best to keep up daily, if possible.


Posted 2021-02-10 10:45:24

+ Track 6 +
-Leaf of Great Fennel has rolled over...
-Nothing much has happened today...
-Two females having pups tmrw, pray we get something good!
-I plan on keeping the Sioux hunting group active, get some of those juicy proficiency points!


Posted 2021-02-11 07:29:53

+ Track 7 +
-Leaf of Great Fennel has rolled over...
-2 litters born today! Let's see what we get >w>


Posted 2021-02-12 12:06:36

+ Track 8 +
-Leaf of Great Fennel has rolled over...
-Boring day, I haven't created the tracker yet -_-
-Finished the Sioux hunting party, woo! Now we have two hunting groups :D


Posted 2021-02-15 09:14:09

+ Track 9 +

-Took a break from doing this yesterday...
-Leaf of Great Fennel has rolled over..
-Two pups born, both ti with no special marks, disappointing.
-I've started doing "Raise and Chase" things now because y e s.
-Nothing else yet


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