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πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Mange’s Adoption Shop πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Mange’s Adoption Shop πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Posted 2020-11-28 19:32:35 (edited)

Days Im rolling over:

Check my profile for more! It usually says the dates when i can

Days Im rolling over:
Check my profile for more! It usually says the dates when i can
Adopts cannot be resold or traded! Sorry this makes sure all information leads back to me.
No returns, once you buy it, it's yours.
Dont guilt trip people who buy one you wanted. (ex: "Awh man I've never had a *blank* design before", "man I wish I really got that one") it makes the situation awkward :/
On that note, no contacting buyers asking to buy it off them. Look back at rule one, if someone has done so, dm me please so I can black list them.
Please keep any negative comments to yourselves
If you don't have the money/items within 2 weeks of when purchase/auction end, I will put it back up for sale and you won't be allowed to adopt anything for 2 weeks sadly. After multiple offenses, I'll just block you.
First come first serve, don't try to bargain a higher price for an adopt it's kinda rude
If I forget to send you the information/trade, please contact me! I am horrible at remembering to reply so if I don't reply within 5 hours, and I've read it, please re message me.
You can make minor changes to the designs, or ask me to do so, the ones with headshots and the fantasy ones are excluded. Sorry :(
I won't be doing a full ref for any of the fantasy ones, πŸ˜” brain no like to redraw stuff
All designs are taken down after a month of being put up, you can contact me saying you're interested! I'll hold a design up for longer if there is someone interested.
Not a rule but a note:: All descriptions are not enforced to have with the character. It's just to add a more aesthetic to the forum, along with explaining how I drew them or any ideas I had for them. You are more than allowed to keep these ideas or change them.

All credit leads back to my wolvden account, toyhouse or, my deviant art.

ο»ΏToyhouse (Mange)

Deviantart (Mangedebange)

For the classic wolf base, credit to the base goes to, design credit goes to me though.

Deviantart (TopHatCheebs)

Alternate Buying:
190SC to 1GC
(Wow the market is bad rn)
GC to USD vary, note if bought in IRL currency it will be a minimum of 10 USD no exceptions.
This rate may change

Previous Designsο»Ώ:

Link will lead to a google doc <3

Customs Status: closed

Requests Status: Closed

Flat Sales: Open

Name: Sunset's Tears
Price: 15gc

Name: Wraithwhisper
Price: 15gc

Name: Mushroom's Song
Price: 10gc

Name: Oceanic Trot
Price: 7gc

Name: Valentino
Price: 10gc

Name: Plumsong
Price: 10gc


Adoption ShopΒ | NBW Merle TeardropΒ 


Posted 2020-11-28 19:32:42 (edited)
  1. ⋆οΉ₯β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”Β β˜†Β β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”οΉ€β‹†
  2. Auctions Section:

Auction Rules:Β 

  1. All Rules as stated before apply
  2. Do not bid on an auction unless you have the currency at that time.
  3. I will not be holding any designs.
  4. Rising bid can only be 5gc or 2USD and up, anything lower will be ignore.
  5. I accept other forms of IRL currency.
  6. All forms of items in game is excluded from auctions.
Empty ATM


Posted 2020-11-28 19:33:01 (edited)


  • Β ο»ΏCurrent Works in Progress

Bases WIPS

*Wolf Base

βœ§Β β”β”β”β”β”Β βˆ˜β—¦ β˜† β—¦βˆ˜Β β”β”β”β”β”Β βœ§

Designs WIPS




Posted 2020-11-28 19:33:11

Reserved yoink


Posted 2020-11-28 21:16:14 (edited)

Claim ink drip?

Payment will be 5 gc


Posted 2020-11-28 21:30:22

In gc or sc? also I’ll dm you in a moment with the non watermark one in a few minutesΒ 


Posted 2020-11-28 21:35:05

Gc, trade sent


Posted 2020-11-28 21:45:47

Could I get Sweet Caramel?

I'll pay in SC


Posted 2020-11-28 21:47:58

Yup! I’ll send you their unwatermarked in a moment!Β 


Posted 2020-11-29 18:55:12

Sb on Velvet!


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