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Development Update #2

Development Update #2
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New Markings

  • New custom markings: Cover (Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, Red) + Auburn combo
  • New custom markings: Half Cover (Black, Brown, Dark Brown)

(Cover & Half Cover are in the same group and might deviate during breeding!)

  • New exclusive Newly Befriended Wolf Markings: Points (Black, Brown, Cream, Dark Brown, Gray, Honey, Red) + Auburn, Dinar and Zircon combo

Craftable Decors

Starting now, you can find recipes in the game you can learn and use. This will unlock the recipes to be crafted in your Hoard / Crafting tab, where you'll be able to create whatever you learned, as long as you have the required materials!

If you already know the recipes but still find more of them, you can always trade them with other players or even sell to the Raccoon for a small price. We have added 13 craftable items today, but of course, there will be many more to come in future updates!

Recipe: Backgrounds

Recipe: Scenery

Recipe: Foliage

Recipe: Trinkets / Objects

Recipes for the following Backgrounds & Decors can be found at the same time as when you'd usually find a cave building item from an explore encounter:

Old Railway
15x Large Branch, 15x Large Leaf, 15x Large Rock

Burrows Among the Roots
15x Large Branch, 15x Large Leaf, 15x Large Rock

Scattered Foliage [Green]
4x Large Leaf

Scattered Foliage [Dry]
4x Large Leaf

Scattered Sticks
4x Large Branch

Scattered Rocks
10x Large Rock

Large Rocks Decor
15x Large Rock

Large Branch Decor
15x Large Branch

Mossy Branch
10x Large Branch, 5x Large Leaf

Recipes for the following Decors can be found occasionally while digging for a bone in an explore encounter:

Scattered Bones
10x Bone

Bone Decor
5x Bone

Recipes for the following Decors can be found occasionally when offering an Acorn to various animals in explore:

Northern Red Oak Sapling
6x Acorn

White Oak Sapling
6x Acorn

Expression Decor

Expression: Pfflrp can be found on a rare occasion when you lick the Mountain Toad ;D

Scars Trophies:

On Wolvden, after you reach level 10, you will begin finding trophies when you battle enemies. From now on, scar decorations are part of those trophies! A total of 40 scars have been added to the possible trophy pool, and tied to unique enemies. This means that only battling a large Bear will grant you the Face scar - likewise fighting a herd of hooved animals with their trampling hooves might earn you the Forehead scar! Have fun discovering the scars and their sources! We do plan to add more in the future - and battles won't be the only way to get scar decorations!

Please remember that many scars have Left and Right versions - and thus, they might not be visible on some stages (ie. Scar: Shoulder [Right] won't show on the Adult Default pose).

Scar: Bite
Scar: Cheek
Scar: Eye - Large [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Eye - Medium [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Eye - Small [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Eyeless [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Face
Scar: Forehead
Scar: Front Leg [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Front Paw [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Hind Leg [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Lip
Scar: Muzzle
Scar: Nose
Scar: Nose Bridge
Scar: Nose Bridge [High]
Scar: Nose Bridge [Low]
Scar: Ear [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Foot
Scar: Ripped Leg [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Ripped Mouth
Scar: Scratched Face
Scar: Scratched Front Leg [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Scratched Side
Scar: Scratched Thigh [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Scratched Upper Leg [Left] / [Right]
Scar: Shoulder [Left] / [Right]

New encounters:

Two new rare encounters were added to all biomes across explore. One is Egg, a wolf created during our teaser stream before we launched Early Access and viewers on the stream really liked her - it's a small... Easter Egg. The second encounter is Tala, perhaps she decided to give you a chance for a little payback after the tutorial battle..?

Quality of Life tweaks and additions:

  • The Grove now has an Auto-Refund system. For an hour after purchase, if you change your mind or otherwise just decide you don't want it, you will be able to return that item for a GC refund, providing it has not been used or traded away.
  • The difficulty of the hunting quests given out by the snake has been lowered. Hopefully this feels more in balance now.
  • The questing snake has also been adjusted in terms of when you can take a new quest. Previously, if you took a quest the day before and completed it the next day, you wouldn't be able to take a new quest after completing it until the next rollover. Now, this is triggered when the quest is taken - not completed. So if you take a quest one day, and turn it in the next day, you'll be able to take another quest immediately after turning it in.  Keep in mind that this update is not retroactive.  If you completed a quest before the update was released, you will need to wait until rollover for the questing change to be in effect.  Anyone that waits until after the update was released to complete a quest will be able to take another quest properly.
  • A small visible indicator has been added to wolf pages to show when a wolf has had its fertility adjusted with items. It will display either 'Reduced by items' or 'Boosted by items' beside the fertility of the wolf if this is in effect.

You can now bookmark pages around WD! Click on the icon on the top right of any page to bookmark that page. Bookmarks are automatically pinned until there are 10 pinned bookmarks. On the sidebar you can see the list of your pinned bookmarks and a link to your full bookmark page. Click the double arrows to access and edit all your Bookmarks - remember to click "Update" button to store changes!

And finally, to summarise, here are a list of the small changes, tweaks and bug fixes we've had between now and the last development update!

Minor Change

* Reduced the chance of gaining an Open Wound from Hunting.
* Starting now, when a bug is merged into another existing bug report, the old link for that bug will redirect to the bug it was merged into.
* Notifications for changes and comments made on bug reports now include the title of the bug report in the notification messages.
* User logs now include a notice about illnesses on Newly Claimed Wolves when they first join the pack.
* "Friendly" Personality has been renamed to "Amiable" for better clarification (and not getting mixed up with disposition names).
* "Stoic" Personality has been renamed to "Aloof" for better clarification (and not getting mixed up with disposition names).
* "Aggressive" Personality has been renamed to "Combative" for better clarification (and not getting mixed up with disposition names).
* Clicking the [...] menu on chat posts will now highlight the post and make it "sticky" so the menu doesn't immediately close as chat auto-scrolls (requires refresh)

Minor Addition

* The rollover screen now gives a warning when there is 30 minutes or less until the next rollover.
* Game Development boards added with a Sticky Rules post.

Bug Fixes

* Bug fix confirmed for Currency trades contain two 'owner ID' fields.
* Bug fix confirmed for Sick wolves but no herbalist.
* Bug fix confirmed for Able to create things under game development subcategories.
* Bug fix confirmed for Blue Moon Background Still Showing In Shop.
* Bug fix confirmed for e9a5364 Cannot Buy Blue Moon Background.
* Bug fix confirmed for Can't scout because it says Scout is already scouting.
* Bug fix confirmed for Incorrect Number Reported On Overcrowding Banner.
* Bug fix confirmed for Possibility to search for more than 10 items per one search by changing the URL.
* Bug fix confirmed for Wolf is nursing "puppies" even if she only has one puppy..
* Bug fix confirmed for System saying minimum energy problem while breeding despite both wolves having high energy..
* Bug fix confirmed for After selecting a category within Buried hoard, sorting the items gives items not in the category.
* Bug fix confirmed for Aged up adols ran away despite having space.
* Bug fix confirmed for Wolf falling ill after breeding despite me being a new player and still having immunity.
* Bug fix confirmed for Missing sc after purchasing sc.
* Bug fix confirmed for Pup stages enabled but not working on 3 pups.
* Bug fix confirmed for herbalist quest stuck.
* Bug fix confirmed for Odd Wording in the Yarrow description.
* Bug fix confirmed for Can’t Insert Image In Deceased Wolf’s Bio.
* Bug fix confirmed for wolf sprite disappears during befriending.
* Bug fix confirmed for Create a Cave - "Not Just For Bears" Quest.
* Bug fix confirmed for Inconsistent Carcass Naming.
* Bug fix confirmed for Herbalist Quest restarting.
* Bug fix confirmed for Allowed to buy out trade, edit wolves, now someone else owns them..
* Bug fix confirmed for Antidote Description is too specific.
* Bug fix confirmed for Nursing nonexistent puppies?.
* Bug fix confirmed for Immortal Wolf Not Showing Up In Trade Options.
* Bug fix confirmed for Cave Disappeared.
* Bug fix confirmed for Chipmunk Explore Follow Glitches.
* Bug fix confirmed for IMAGE ISSUE: Arctic Woolly Bear Moth Missing.
* Bug fix confirmed for Typo In Befriending.
* Bug fix confirmed for Family not showing up (?).
* Bug fix confirmed for Reclaimed Adult still Adolescent.
* Bug fix confirmed for Unable to Battle Befriendable Wolf.
* Bug fix confirmed for Using a Cure-For-All leads to a slightly broken user log entry.
* Bug fix confirmed for Trade is being “processed” but nothing is actually happening.
* Bug fix confirmed for #d03f54a.
* Bug fix confirmed for Code of Conduct's "last modified" date updates every single day.
* Bug fix confirmed for Explore scouting cooldown not showing.
* Bug fix confirmed for Incorrect number of pups bred.
* Bug fix confirmed for Stats reset when wolf levelled up.
* Bug fix confirmed for Stuck on Quest.
* Bug fix confirmed for Cannot Access Trade Center.
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i am,, vvvv excited for all the new scars and decors and ugh ya'll rlly popped off with this new update

i am sO HYPED

space cadet 💫

Posted 2020-11-20 11:35:29 /

Ahh new decor !

Sweet Dreams Always

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wassup everyone


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thank you ! Tala's back !!

5th !


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Ooo! Nice shiny new update! 😲

Eternal Destiny

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So exciting!!

Bookmarks?!?!?! Think might be my favorite part


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That's some awesome new stuff!


Posted 2020-11-20 11:36:45 /

Yay, thanks for the update!