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Looking For Help With Gimp Color Matching

Looking For Help With Gimp Color Matching
Posted 2020-11-02 21:03:21

Im curious on how to match the colors of wolves on here in gimp or if some one has a program the recommend i can try out.

im just struggling to match colors and the dropper told doesnt allow me to click the image.

Kota Wolfe

Posted 2020-11-02 21:10:06

The way Wolvden makes its image, color picking is pretty much impossible; there’s so much detail you’re likely to pick up a darker shade than whatever the default is, just because there’s so much shading from the fur texture. That said, I don’t think people mind if you eyeball it, or color pick and readjust manually from there!

As for the actual color picking, I haven’t used GIMP in ages so I can’t say why the dropper’s acting up, but have you tried taking a screenshot and picking from that? There’s also this nifty tool; you can grab the hex codes (or a screenshot) from here and paste them in manually :>


Posted 2020-11-02 21:29:09

ive not tried a screenshot yet that was my next test XD ill defiantly try that tool out

Kota Wolfe

Posted 2021-04-07 23:29:28

I see the poster is inactive but Im going to comment this for other GIMP users, dont use gimp for drawing. Go to a free program like krita instead. It's much better and easier to use as well as it has more tools.


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